Xiangtan high tech Zone independently developed Ch

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Xiangtan high tech Zone independently developed China's first 65 ton driverless electric locomotive

Xiangtan high tech Zone independently developed China's first 65 ton driverless electric locomotive

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in a mine below 1000 meters, the "underground Dragon" with a self weight of 65 tons carries 600 tons of ore and winds up like walking on the ground. This is not a mythological description, but a fact that will happen. On February 15, Xiangdian heavy equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xiangdian heavy equipment"), located in Xiangtan high tech Zone, independently developed the first 65 ton driverless frequency conversion speed regulation standard gauge industrial and mining electric locomotive in China, which successfully went offline and set off for Yunnan Pulang copper mine

on the same day, in the Xiangdian heavy assembly workshop, workers were debugging the circuit of the driverless electric locomotive. The orange body looked like a locomotive. Jin Bin, head of Xiangdian Heavy Vehicle Research Institute, introduced: This 65 ton driverless electric locomotive is the latest self-developed by Xiangdian heavy equipment. It has 28 patented technologies such as complete vehicle, bogie, braking system and electrical traction. China impacts and breaks through 7 authorized patents, 1 invention patent and 6 utility model patents through a semi-circular ball punch at a certain impact speed

the locomotive has compact internal structure, good traction and braking performance, stable operation, strong impact and vibration resistance. After cooperating with the automation system, it can realize the unmanned operation of loading, transportation and unloading. Compared with the conventional electric locomotive, the production efficiency is increased by 4 times. It is suitable for the industrial and mining environment of underground or open-air unmanned transportation and meets the needs of multi pull and fast running in large mines

Xiangdian heavy equipment Co., Ltd. has a history of producing mining electric locomotives for 60 years. It is a professional manufacturer specializing in mine rail transportation equipment in China. It can produce 1.5-30 tons of underground mining electric locomotives and 60-224 tons of open-air mining electric locomotives. In order to meet the needs of mine development, large heavy-duty electric locomotive has been developed in recent years, and 60 ton open-pit mining heavy-duty electric locomotive has been successfully developed

at present, the intelligent level of underground transportation system in domestic mines is low, and the automation level of electric locomotive lags far behind the international level

aiming at domestic super large and super deep mines, Xiangdian heavy equipment Co., Ltd. began to expand new markets, carried out product supply side structural reform internally, took intelligent equipment manufacturing as a breakthrough, relied on a stable technical development team and 80 years of accumulated technical heritage, and joined hands with Hunan University, Zhongnan University and other domestic scientific research institutions to complete the research and feasibility analysis, design technology and manufacturing process research in only six months Through production, manufacture and test, the first 65 ton driverless electric locomotive in China has been successfully developed

after the supervision and inspection of the same material quantity specified for the same connector by the national industrial and mining telex motor vehicle quality, until the equipment enters the strict inspection of the normal working state inspection center, the inspection result of 65 ton driverless electric locomotive is qualified. The successful development of the electric locomotive is a major technological breakthrough in the field of mining electric locomotive in China


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