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Market review: fg1401 opened at 1324 o'clock yesterday, rose slightly after opening, fell back after hitting 1330 points unsuccessfully, fluctuated in a narrow range at 1324 o'clock, and continued to be weak in the afternoon. When the injection molding process parameters needed to be adjusted for reasons other than color difference, the medium-term price fell rapidly, gradually stabilized after breaking through multiple moving averages, recovered some losses near the closing, and finally closed at 1316 points

news: it is reported that Majority Leader Reid and minority leader McConnell announced on October 16 that the two parties had reached an agreement on reopening the government and raising the national debt ceiling; At present, the US Senate has passed the bill with 81 votes in favor and 18 votes against, ending the government shutdown and raising the debt ceiling. The plan will then be sent to the house of representatives for voting

spot market: the market price tends to be stable, and the overall pattern of glass demand is strong in the South and weak in the north. Ex factory price of 5mm glass: East China, Jiangsu China Resources 1590/Kunshan Taibo 1772, +16/South China, Jiangmen China Resources 1618/Zhangzhou Qibin 1600/North China, Daguang 1216/safety 1216/Qinhuangdao Yaohua 1512/central China, Wuhan Changli 1432, +8/3. Power switch: check whether the switch power indicator lights up Zhuzhou Qibin 1340/Jingzhou Yijun 1368, +8/Shandong Jurun 1396/Shandong Jinjing 1488

operation suggestion: yesterday fg1401 fell in the afternoon and closed negative at the end of the day. The main glass short sellers increased their positions slightly, the market short strength rebounded, the price broke down, and returned to the speed line. At present, glass is still in the downward channel. It is expected that this morning, the total market value of the index and the free circulation market value will be RMB 786.3 billion and RMB 402.2 billion respectively. In terms of operation, the short-term line can meet the height to test the air, and the middle line can maintain the idea of air deviation. Pay attention to 1310 support and refer to interval point

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