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Shopping decisions for metal packaging product design (Part 2)

let's take the study of metal packaging shape as an example to discuss how to do product packaging. We divide it into three stages

phase I: capacity research and industry confirmation. This stage emphasizes the feasibility study of packaging improvement, and considers the practical standards and specifications of packaging capacity, material, height, etc. from a professional perspective

stage 2: consumer analysis. At this stage, after subdividing the target consumer groups in the market, analyze the lifestyle and activity behavior of consumers, and find out the suitability between the new packaging design and the needs of target consumers, such as chlorine, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other corrosive gases

stage III: Research on objectives. In this stage, the purchase motivation of target consumers, the expected value of product packaging and the confusion about the existing packaging design are integrated, the functions of metal packaging are listed, and the expected metal packaging is described to study the market adaptability of packaging design and confirm the choices consumers will make

the above steps objectively point out how to design packaging. It is better to teach people to fish than to teach them to fish. The design of the package should not be conformed to others. We should have our own ideas - innovative and conform to the package. Otherwise, the counter will only remember the assumption of the data package specification requirements set last time. It is necessary to observe and understand the shopping behavior of consumers. The popular trend of packaging combines with the opportunity of product development to form the concept of packaging design, so that the design has been updated and developed

what direction will the design idea of product packaging develop in the future

the rapid economic development in recent years, on the one hand, has brought people a rich material life; on the other hand, it has also brought pressure to people's life in all aspects: the pace of life is constantly improving, and there is less and less time to buy goods. People live in a world full of advertisements. The complicated advertising environment makes too much noise. The products are extremely rich, and people are faced with too many choices...

the requirements for the packaging design of future products are: when consumers choose products, the product packaging can not only give people a feeling of higher quality, but also consider the addition of health and care elements in the product design to meet the requirements of future consumers for product packaging

it is also an inevitable trend to adopt new technologies in product packaging. For the new technology applied in the future packaging design, Professor Saka Qida also put forward several bold ideas:

* for future reference, packaging with temperature control. With the obvious trend of atmospheric warming, in order to control the goods within a certain temperature range and meet the needs of consumers. A temperature sensing device is installed on the package of the product to meet different requirements

* interactive packaging. Flexible microelectronic technology is used on the packaging, and the content displayed on the screen will change with the environment and the needs of customers

the future does not exist in the future world, but in people's consciousness and imagination. With the development and application of new technology, people's beautiful imagination has become a reality. Packaging has broken through the limitations of the original graphic design creativity, and its expression forms will be richer and more vivid. The application of new technology will become an important development trend of packaging in the future

like enterprise management, the development of product packaging design is changing with each passing day, but in the process of its development, it also follows this truth: in this highly competitive society, although the product is the elastic existence of polymer, it must change constantly to adapt to the changing market demand. The only constant in this process is change. We should always pay attention to the changes of the market and consumers. Only in this way can we truly grasp the latest trends of packaging design and put forward the packaging design that most conforms to the consumption trend and trend to ensure the competitiveness of products in this regard

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