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There is no zero sum game between environmental protection and the development of coal chemical industry

"emergency shutdown and production restriction", "all shutdown", "stop first and then talk"... Once upon a time, the "one size fits all" behavior was bred and spread in environmental protection work, which made enterprises speak out of suffering or anger, and greatly affected normal production. The experience of the coal chemical industry is a typical example of this. At the same time, it also reflects the hidden worries of other industries

"emergency shutdown and production restriction", "all shutdown" and "stop first and talk about it"... Once upon a time, "one size fits all" behavior was bred and spread in environmental protection work, which made enterprises either have difficulties or dare not speak out, greatly affecting normal production. The experience of the coal chemical industry is a typical example, but it also reflects the hidden worries of other industries - legal and compliant enterprises are difficult to protect their rights and interests. In the hearts of some practitioners, it even leaves the impression that "environmental protection frustrates the development of the industry"

however, environmental protection, as a new generation of carbon fiber epoxy prepreg, cannot be exceeded and is expected to exceed the bottom line. It should have been an uncompromising rigid requirement. It is also where the government takes the initiative to carry out in-depth treatment and discharge pollutants according to laws and regulations. How can environmental protection work that benefits the people stand in the so-called "opposite" with the industry

simply "cut across the board" indiscriminately, making the environmental protection work deviate from the original intention and some enterprises suffer from accidental injury. Some local governments do not act at ordinary times. When they are inspected by the higher authorities, they act in a sudden and disorderly manner and can only deal with the problem by stopping work and limiting production; In some areas, under the guise of "environmental protection", they make full use of the problem, and the treatment is not practical, so it is inevitable that there will be a situation of joint heating furnace and other impacts; In other regions, for the sake of convenience, there is neither classified guidance nor scientific policy, which makes "accurately first check whether the oil pipe is broken for pollution control" an empty word. These "one size fits all" phenomena not only bring inconvenience to normal production, but also make environmental protection a black pot and overdraw the credibility of environmental protection work

further research shows that it is also the "one size fits all" behavior of lazy, lazy and mediocre government, which artificially leads to the opposition between environmental protection and economy, leaving a great misunderstanding that "environmental protection impacts the development of the industry"

practice has proved that strict and effective environmental protection supervision will not have a negative impact on economic development, but will promote synergy between benefits and environment. The "one size fits all" approach seems to be easy and effective, but in fact it does not really achieve the purpose of pollution control, and even violates the principle of the rule of law. Under this influence, compliance enterprises sometimes lose confidence and are still punished for spending money on pollution control. Who is willing to cooperate with environmental protection; Sometimes, the enterprises exceeding the standard have lingering fear. The treatment is the same as the non treatment, and they may be able to get through by luck; Sometimes, the upstream and downstream industries will be affected, and the shortage of raw materials and the rise of product prices caused by shutdown and production restriction will affect other enterprises. Such "man-made opposition" is actually moving from the past "connivance" of sewage discharge to the other extreme of "distortion" of environmental protection, laying a great hidden danger for environmental protection

while guarding against unreasonable "one size fits all" behavior, we should also be alert to the phenomenon of "splashing dirty water" on normal environmental protection work. As there are too many historical debts, we need to fight a protracted war on environmental governance, which can not be reversed overnight. During this process, some enterprises were not prepared for a while due to inadequate investment in pollution control, imperfect treatment methods, and biased awareness, which made it difficult for them to adapt. They felt confused, abrupt, and even resisted, resulting in the illusion that "environmental protection affects development". Some experts pointed out that similar processes are not unique to China, and environmental governance in Europe, the United States and other countries has also suffered. At this time, it is necessary for both parties to fully communicate and gradually embark on the road of benign governance

development is the absolute principle, but "development" that ignores environmental protection is unreasonable; Environmental protection is a hard requirement, but disorderly actions under the banner of "pollution control" do not meet the requirements. No matter from the immediate interests of coal chemical enterprises or from the long-term development of coal chemical industry, environmental protection is not a "obstacle" to development. On the contrary, no matter the coal chemical industry or other industries, only by implementing environmental protection in place can they truly achieve sustainable, fair and just development

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