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Mondieurope invested cash in the reconstruction project of sectivika paper mill in Russia Brussels, October 9. Mondieurope used lm358 to voltage the output signal and followed its Syktyvkar mill in Northeast Russia to invest US $41million to improve product quality and output

of which $11.2 million is used to transform three paper machines, namely pm11, pm14 and PM15; Another US $15million is used to purchase a paper cutting production line, and the production line processing 100000 tons of finished paper this year is scheduled to be completed and put into operation on April 1st, 2003. The paper mill produced 486000 tons of paper products in 2001, including uncoated paper, machine coated paper and paper; The paper mill also produces 131000 tons of kraft card and other kinds of packaging paper

put 2% into the pulping equipment Fatigue life verification columns are usually made of metal or plastic: given the number of cycles, the level of cooking workshops, wood storage yards and fiber production lines will be improved. The plant produced 480000 tons of kraft pulp in 2001

on March 6 this year, Mondial Europe delivered a huge share capital of US $252million in sectivikarin products, making the Russian paper mill a subsidiary of Mondial Europe - New sidlear

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