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Mobileum cooperates with ATT to launch global WiFi coverage services for service providers. Mobileum, a leading provider of telecom business transformation analysis solutions, will cooperate with at t to help the latter launch WiFi hub services, which is also part of the solution combination provided by mobileum for global service providers. As a result, service providers have been able to launch WiFi enabled products, allowing users to continue to access applications and services while roaming

at t's WiFi hub covers the world and has millions of hotspots. Users can seamlessly access and connect these hotspots through intelligence, and keep connected with their favorite applications and services

mobileum provides roaming and travel solutions for global 4. Processing service providers, so that service providers can build products, open user services and provide data service access. At the same time, it can always ensure policy implementation and service quality in order to evaluate their low-speed impact performance. Mobileum's service provider customers can provide WiFi services through their own applications or mobileu (5) evaluation agency contact information: M's product suite

Jr Wilson, vice president of at t's partnerships and alliances and chairman of the wireless broadband Alliance (WBA), said: at t is a pioneer enterprise integrating the wireless broadband ecosystem. We have been cooperating with mobileum for some time, and the relationship between the two sides is about to start a new chapter. We are very excited about this. This cooperation will help us to further realize our corporate mission of strengthening wireless connectivity and providing next-generation services in different markets around the world

bobby Srinivasan, CEO of mobileum, said: more than 600 mobile operators around the world have used mobileum's analytical solutions, which have effectively promoted the additional revenue generation of roaming and domestic services. We combine the unique active intelligence platform with deep telecommunications expertise to provide industry-leading solutions for key areas such as travel and roaming, fraud and security, and customer interaction

our business covers a wide range and is recognized as an industry and ideological leader. Through cooperation, we will help service providers create more revenue, improve user satisfaction and loyalty, and maximize the potential of global WiFi

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