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Mobile reading is more popular with men

in the afternoon of December 11, 2012, the latest report from the Pew Research Center in the United States shows that people of all ages are willing to read or watch through smartphones and tablets. However, men and people with college degrees have the strongest sense of participation

the attitude of young people towards technology is different from that of the older generation, and the Pew report is to understand how people use tablet computers and smart consumption are different. The agency found that young and old users' willingness to obtain through mobile devices is basically the same

the report said: Although the younger generation pays less attention to the Internet as a whole and usually gives up paper products, the degree of access of young people through mobile devices is the same as that of older users. When obtaining through application, young people say that they prefer the experience similar to printing products rather than high-tech effects or multimedia functions. In addition to stealth materials, the survey sample of PEW this time is 9500 American adults, from June to August this year. Although the agency found similarities between different age groups, differences also exist. For example, young users are more willing to obtain through video and click on advertisements

young tablet users are more likely to interact with advertisements. Among Tablet PC consumers, the probability of users touching or clicking advertisements when viewing shows a downward trend with the growth of age. Among 18-29 year-old tablet computer users, 25% sometimes click on advertisements, while the proportion of 30-49 year-old tablet computer users is only 12%. The 50-64 year-old age group only ensures the reason why plastic products cause the error of the pressure testing machine. What raw materials can measure the smaller graduation quality of 7%

the mobile consumption of men, especially young men, is higher than that of women. 43% of male tablet users use their devices every day, while the proportion of women is only 32%. There are almost the same differences in intelligence. As for tablet computers, male users view them more frequently and are more likely to read in-depth reports and watch videos

education level is also related to mobile reading behavior. People with college degrees are more likely to read through mobile apps and read in-depth reports on tablets. Among those with college degrees, 82% of tablet computer users will read in-depth reports, while the proportion of people with less than college degrees is only 66%

amymitchell, the acting director of pew, said in a statement: This report roughly describes the differences between mobile users. Understanding these differences is critical for institutions as they strive to attract users to interact with them

another report released by pew in September this year showed that consumption through mobile devices and social media has also increased in recent years. According to the survey at that time, 39% said they would check through the Internet, up from 33% two years ago. The popularity of mobile devices and social networks has become one of the driving factors of this trend

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