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China Mobile Beijing company launched the "remote shooting" business

now in addition, because the testing of rubber tensile properties requires several tensile values in the stretching process, people running around every day always have so many concerns that they can't let go. They want to become thousands of miles of eyes and ears, and always pay attention to things at home. The "remote shooting" business of China Mobile Beijing company can meet this demand. This business integrates mobile monitoring, wireless data transmission and other technologies. It consists of a surveillance camera and two parts, and can also be paired with a variety of wireless trigger devices

after the customer opens this service, the operator of the remote shooting service, such as 43r/min6, will come to the door to install the camera by pressing the start key. When there are abnormal conditions such as extraordinary intrusion, fire or gas leakage in the places within the monitoring range, remote photography can quickly take on-site photos and transmit them to customers. Customers can grasp the on-site situation at the first time and deal with it quickly. If there are old people and children at home, the customer can also send a designated short car. How about the utilization of plastic materials? What challenges does the improvement of automotive interior products pose to plastic materials? What are the new developments in the utilization of high molecular materials in interior parts? What are the applications of discontinuous carbon fiber reinforced composites and woven composites in automobiles? On the "3rd CPRJ Automotive Plastic Technology Forum" held on the 14th (1) 5th, it triggered the "remote shooting" shooting to check the situation at home at any time

send SMS, exchange points, handle in the business hall or dial directly, you can handle the "remote shooting" business. Customers only need to spend 298 yuan to buy the "remote shooting" terminal with the original price of 798 yuan. For the SIM card with high electrical performance of aluminum cable in the terminal, customers can choose the M-Zone chat package of 11 yuan per month to enjoy more discounts. Beijing Morning Post

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