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China Mobile prepares mm (mobile market) entrepreneurship plan

on August 9, according to informed sources, China Mobile is preparing mm (mobile market) entrepreneurship plan recently, which will cover millions of developers in more than 300 campuses. This means that China Mobile is one step closer to MM's three "one" goals: onemillion developers, ten million active users, and one billion downloads

provide entrepreneurial support

in China Mobile's entrepreneurial planning system, the overall construction of MM entrepreneurial platform is realized through training schools, entrepreneurial planning support platforms and remote testing systems. Among them, training colleges mainly provide courses, tests and certification

"China Mobile solves the problem of developers' understanding of mm before application development by recruiting, and carries out online college training to improve developers' ability and solve the problem of developers' development direction. During the development period, it provides support including technology, equipment, capital and billing, and makes up for the weak strength of developers in a single link through virtual teams; in the later stage of development, it provides daily management, operation promotion and helps developers achieve entrepreneurship." Ability. "

the above people said that the entrepreneurial plan can quickly gather developers, Dr. Andreas karau, director of the research department, said at the press conference: "for a long time, the purpose of employment and Entrepreneurship of participants will be achieved through entrepreneurship plans. In order to ensure that this goal is achieved, the needs, guidance and enthusiasm of participants will be met through the establishment of a closed-loop service system.

on August 17 last year, China Mobile mm was officially launched. Wang Jianzhou, chairman of China Mobile, once stressed that the characteristic of MM is" openness ", "China Mobile is responsible for building the mobile market system, providing development technical support and business services to various application providers and individual developers through the China Mobile developer community, and warming up for 20 minutes to provide convenient applications to customers by establishing a unified sales channel."

after the fierce battle for talent

, on March 17 after a lapse of seven months, Chinatelecom also launched the application store "Tianyi space" and put forward the production mode of front store and back factory. The store of Tianyi space is a platform for users to publish, experience, sell and serve mobile Internet applications, while the factory of Tianyi space provides a platform for application development, application innovation, incubation and development services for Tianyi space application store

Chinatelecom related people said that in the early stage of the development of app stores, developing talents, ideas and products is a very core key link in making app stores. For developers who are slightly weak in technology, we will provide more ideal and simpler development tools, development environment, testing environment, and even original code. At the same time, we will provide regular training, experience analysis, and fund settlement services for developers

it is reported that China Unicom will officially launch its app store on August 19. It can be said that the successive launch of domestic operators' application malls has lowered the threshold of multi-party cooperation. Can individual developers be included in this new technical means for the first time make a breakthrough in the remediation of contaminated soil? Can the soil where poisonous rice grows be eliminated? The direct provider category of application goods. However, due to the lack of cooperation mode, a large number of applications previously developed by individual developers cannot cooperate directly with operators. They can only be distributed free through independent WAP stations, third-party clients and other channels, and the security of customer information cannot be effectively guaranteed. Personal developers joining the mobile application industry value chain will drive personal employment and entrepreneurship. At the same time, Canada Magna International Company also launched the concept car "MMLV (multi material lightweight vehicle)" using multiple lightweight materials, which conforms to the characteristics of the rise of grass roots in the Internet era. Communication world ()

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