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China Mobile plans to support the flash connect standard based on Android platform

"flash connect is currently discussing the possibility of cooperation with China Mobile, and plans to enable OMS system (the operating system developed by China Mobile based on Android platform) to support the flash connect standard and realize the interconnection with TV." On April 2, sunyuning, leader of the standard working group of China flash link and President of the information technology engineering center of China flash link, revealed in an interview with China economic times

the concept of IOT is becoming more and more popular, but ordinary consumers cannot feel the relevant applications. Sunyuning introduced that if hand 1 and human factors cause the sliding machine of the tensile testing machine to support flash connection, it can realize the remote control of household appliances, PCs and other devices, which will also be the first application in the concept of IOT that will be contacted by consumers

industry experts said that the symbol of the IOT industry entering a mature stage is the integration of information terminal equipment and sensor equipment, and the flash link standard is an important application of IOT in homes, offices and public places

it is understood that recently, as a standard working group for information equipment resource sharing and collaborative services, flashlink is actively working with three units, including the sensing working group, to jointly prepare and establish the "China IOT standard joint working group" to accelerate the construction of the IOT national standard system and the formulation of relevant national standards, while participating in the formulation of international standards and taking the initiative in development

this means that the construction of IOT national standard system is officially launched

at the beginning of 2009, the Obama administration of the United States upgraded the concept of "smart earth" proposed by IBM to a national economic revitalization strategy, which caused strong repercussions around the world. In August, 2009, Premier Wen Jiabao proposed the strategy of "perceiving China" during his inspection in Wuxi, and pointed out that "when the computer and Internet industries develop on a large scale, we have gone through some bends on how to attract investment and achieve sustainable development in the new material industry because we do not master the core technology". In the development of IOT, "we should plan for the future and break through the core technology earlier"

for a long time, the flash connect standard has only been applied to 3C products and home appliances. However, sunyuning said that as an international standard for upper level collaboration, flash connect is an important part of the concept of IOT, and in terms of IOT standards, it will also explore the underlying standards

flash link said that the focus of this year's promotion is the concept of "perception of life". Among them, medical first aid and community service, automatic interconnection control of equipment and energy conservation and environmental protection, and home entertainment will be the three main application types of flash connect to perceive life in the future

"the IOT industry covers a wide range of areas, and it is not possible for oneortwo research units or enterprises to complete either at the technical level or at the application level. In the wave of IOT, China and developed countries are on the same starting line with ZgZ cast steel test block 3025 (6) 200, which brings development opportunities to Chinese enterprises and means that we need to face up to competition with powerful multinational companies." Sun Yuning said that from these two perspectives, alliance innovation is the best way for China's IOT industry to achieve rapid development, gain a place on the international stage and even seize the commanding heights

sunyuning said that in recent years, a large number of industrial alliances in various forms have emerged in China. Some of them have not only achieved very good results and breakthroughs in standard formulation, technological innovation and industrial promotion, 97 inorganic waterproof and plugging materials, but also accumulated valuable experience in the construction, operation and development mechanism of industrial alliances suitable for China's national conditions. Government departments also pay more and more attention to and support the development of industrial alliances

it is understood that since its establishment on July 10, 2003, as of March 2010, the number of alliance members has reached 138, including international giants such as Lenovo, TCL and Samsung. With the power of the alliance, flashlink is actively building a standard formulation, technological innovation and industrialization promotion cluster based on the alliance, which provides an effective guarantee for the rapid development of "perceived life". China economic times

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