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China's manufacturing system is complete, independent and complete, and its scale ranks first in the world for five consecutive years. Its aerospace, rail transit, nuclear power and other technologies rank at the world's leading level. However, on the whole, China's manufacturing industry is still large but not strong. After long-term extensive development in the past, problems such as large resource and energy consumption, serious pollution emissions, regional structural convergence, overcapacity and so on are prominent. At the same time, with the cost of labor, land and other factors rising year by year, China's traditional manufacturing industry has weak independent innovation ability, insufficient quality and brand awareness, shortage of applied high-quality talents, and the level of informatization needs to be improved, It also needs to be solved urgently. To this end, the state has put forward the "made in China 2025" strategy, and strives to achieve the strategic goal of becoming a manufacturing power through "three steps". To implement the "made in China 2025" strategy, industrial enterprises need to make efforts in the following aspects. Develop intelligent manufacturing. The deep integration of industrialization and informatization in China has been implemented for many years, and the market penetration of information technology has expanded rapidly. It has a first mover advantage in the fields of IOT, mobile Internet and so on. The "Internet +" action plan mentioned in this year's government work report aims to promote the integration of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, IOT, etc. with modern manufacturing, and promote the transformation of manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. Development intelligence 4. It is required to be able to manufacture completely under the same pressure as the support surface. It should be guided by pilot demonstration and gradually promoted, so as to build an intelligent manufacturing system and rapidly improve the overall automation and digitization of the manufacturing industry. Among them, industrial robots can be used to improve the flexibility and automation of industrial manufacturing, as well as the intelligence of manufacturing equipment and products

highlight independent innovation. To improve the independent innovation ability of manufacturing industry, we should not only introduce, digest and absorb foreign advanced technology, but also strengthen independent innovation and form independent intellectual property rights. We should solve the problem of weak technical ability in system design and system integration, and enhance the overall ability of major equipment and project contracting; We should speed up the change of the lack of research and development of industrial generic technology, recognize that generic technology is fundamental, relevant, long cycle, difficult, slow to take effect, but it can also achieve the temperature characteristics of plastic denaturation, give play to the enthusiasm of enterprises, and realize the guiding and supporting role of generic technology in innovation drive; We should seriously deal with the weak connection between discipline development and industrial development, pay attention to the development trend of interdisciplinary and industrial technology, introduce interdisciplinary new technologies and innovations into new products, new equipment and new systems, and form the ability of integrated innovation

adhere to people-oriented. Talents are the primary productive forces. We should give full play to the comparative advantages of China's human capital. In the face of the low overall quality and labor efficiency of the labor force, we should strengthen the training of talents, highlight the practicality of manufacturing, management and service, and form a training system for management talents, professional and technical talents and high skilled talents; We should establish and improve the employment system and incentive mechanism to stimulate talent innovation, encourage the use of intellectual capital to invest in shares or participate in distribution, and speed up the improvement of options, technology to invest in shares, equity, dividend rights and other supporting measures, so as to provide a platform and space for talents to play their potential

implement brand strategy. Enterprises should establish brand awareness, fully realize the importance of brand strategy in market competition, and then deeply understand the market, establish core competitiveness, implement and promote brand strategy. At the same time, we should practice our internal skills, improve and perfect the quality control system, strengthen quality awareness and system, and realize quality first. In addition, we should also strengthen the strength and breadth of brand management, use information networks, form an effective combined marketing system, establish global partners, and improve the level of large-scale, intensive and standardized manufacturing management

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