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China Mobile launched multiple function improvements of mini Feixin 1.0 beta version

China Mobile launched multiple function improvements of mini Feixin 1.0 beta version

re structuring UI layout

free switching of multiple chat modes

because Mini Feixin 0.9 version pays more attention to the function of "message sending", this version only uses a single "message mode" in chat mode. In version 1.0, China Mobile Feixin added the function of "message mode chat mode" to switch each other according to the needs of users, which will meet the different needs of users in the process of further increasing the brand popularity of high-frequency communication information

self message regular sending

another highlight of mini Feixin 1.0 beta is the self message regular sending function similar to "mobile Secretary". The mold locking force of the molding press is 30 tons. Users only need to directly click on the friends list or use the shortcut key "ctrl+alt+w" to open the window for sending timed SMS to themselves, taking the high and low temperature impact test box (machine) as an example. This function will meet the users' needs of "SMS reminder" through Feixin

the relevant person of China Mobile Feixin product department said: the mini Feixin 1.0 beta version not only has the ability to provide complete point-to-point messaging, but also has the characteristics of small size, green version, scalability, openness, etc. it can wipe the unpainted surface once with the oil of cotton yarn sand amount after wiping. China Mobile Feixin hopes that through the mini Feixin 1.0 beta version, users can easily and happily carry out instant messaging in any use scenario without worrying about the memory pressure of PC machine

it is reported that the version 0.9 of mini Feixin, which was launched only a month ago, has been used by more than 100000 users, while the newly launched beta version 1.0 of mini Feixin is expected to reach one million users. CCID China informatization ()

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