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Guodian will build a "national power supply blueprint" of 253.2 billion yuan editor's note: this year, Guodian will invest 253.2 billion yuan to plan to build a "national power supply blueprint", hoping to alleviate the current power contradiction through long-distance transmission

it was learned yesterday that the State Grid Corporation of China will invest 253.2 billion yuan this year to plan and build a "national power supply blueprint", hoping to alleviate the current power contradiction through long-distance transmission. Insiders predict that the project will greatly change the current power supply pattern in China. Speaking of image, when there is a shortage of power coal, the vice governor of each province who is specially assigned to run power coal only needs to run a wire to the door of his home

transportation is the bottleneck

at present, the supply of power coal is tightening, and transportation is still a bottleneck. According to insiders, taking the coal consumption in Hunan Province in 2008 as an example, the annual consumption of electric coal in Hunan Province needs 28million tons, while the 1119 registered coal mines in the province can only provide 12million tons of coal, and 16million tons of coal need to be transferred from outside the province. However, the railway transportation capacity is limited, and it can only guarantee 12million tons of transportation capacity, of which there is a gap of 4million tons of electric coal. In other words, if local power plants are relied on for power supply, there will be a part of the power gap, that is to say, there will be a part of the gap, which will either be solved by switching off and limiting power, or by relying on local power transfer. News shows that it has become a trend to build power plants at the mouth of coal mines in Shanxi

master the high technology of experimental machine. Therefore, when the gap of contract coal needs to be filled by market coal, coal price has always become the focus of attention. Senior insiders pointed out that what really needs to be adjusted is the structure and layout of China's energy

coal transportation or power transmission

insiders believe that over the years, the problem of tight coal and power transportation in China has repeatedly occurred. Rising coal prices and insufficient transportation capacity are the direct reasons for the shortage of coal and electricity transportation

it is reported that the distribution of primary energy and the development level of productivity in China are very uneven. 76% of the retained reserves of coal resources are distributed in northern regions such as Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi and Xinjiang. More than 2/3 of China's energy demand is concentrated in the eastern and central regions. For a long time, China has formed an energy transmission pattern of large-scale and long-distance coal transportation. Due to many intermediate links and difficult regulation, it directly led to the shortage of transportation capacity and the rise of coal prices. (2) From the perspective of the development trend of vernier caliper, the focus of China's coal development will gradually move west and North, and the scale of energy transmission is also growing

coal transportation and power transmission are two main ways of large-scale allocation of coal resources in China, which are highly complementary. That is, whether the local construction of power plants depends on coal transportation from other places to solve the problem of power supply or on power transmission to solve the problem of power supply has been hotly discussed in the industry. Of course, the current compromise is to transport coal and power simultaneously, but at present, coal transportation is subject to many constraints, such as transportation. It seems easier to solve the problem by establishing transmission projects

plan "national power supply blueprint"

the relevant person in charge of the state power company said that at the beginning of this year, it is expected to invest 253.2 billion in power construction. Although the plastic industry of our company's products wants to develop itself with the help of new materials industry due to snow and ice disasters and earthquakes, it can be widely used in the following aspects: the impact of automotive electronics, serious power loss. However, at this year's mid year meeting, this investment plan has not changed. It is understood that 213 billion yuan was spent on the construction of national power last year, and at present, the national power focuses on the construction of UHV power. At present, the state has invested more than 6 billion yuan in electricity, and has established a "± 1000 kV AC UHV test demonstration project" with a length of more than 200 kilometers from Shanxi, Nanyang, Henan and Jingmen, Hubei. The 2000 kilometer long "± 800 kV DC UHV test and demonstration project" started last year is the DC transmission project with the highest voltage level, the longest transmission distance and the largest capacity in the world. It is planned to be completed and put into operation in 2011

Another significance of this project is to transport clean hydropower resources in the southwest to the load center, which can replace coal-fired thermal power units in power receiving areas, and greatly reduce environmental pollution and coal transportation pressure. It is estimated that after the completion of the project, it can replace more than 6 million KW coal-fired thermal power units and about 15million tons of coal. It can reduce 200000 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, 40000 tons of nitrogen oxides and 15million tons of coal transportation every year

according to the rolling planning over the years, in the future, among the southwest hydropower, the total installed capacity of four super large hydropower stations in the lower reaches of the Jinsha River is about 38 million KW, which will be transmitted to East China and central China through six ± 800 kV high-voltage DC projects; The total installed capacity of Jinping I, II and Guandi hydropower stations on the Yalong River is 10.8 million KW, which is sent out as a group of power at the transmission end, and is transmitted to East China by a ± 800 kV high-voltage DC project. "Once the electricity framework is improved, it will change the situation of relying on coal to meet the power supply."

link: the voice for the increase of sales electricity price is rising.

while raising the electricity price by 2 points, without raising the sales electricity price, it is equivalent to transferring the cost to power enterprises. Under the increasing investment pressure, power companies call for the sales price to be raised again

the relevant person in charge of the State Grid Corporation of China said that the two major natural disasters this year caused direct property losses of 21.1 billion yuan to the State Grid Corporation of China, and 73.6 billion yuan needs to be invested in power recovery and reconstruction. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the national electricity investment demand will exceed 1.2 trillion yuan, and 330billion yuan will be invested every year in the next two years. The development task is very arduous. At present, power generation enterprises are facing greater operational difficulties, and the business situation of power enterprises is also more severe. We should study and establish a scientific and reasonable electricity price formation and regulation mechanism, and the sales electricity price should be linked with the upper electricity price at the same time, so as to ensure the healthy development of the power industry

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