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Guoshe @ Sichuan | UAV can be used like this! Sichuan uses drones to "feel the pulse" of pine forests

original title: Sichuan: using drones to "feel the pulse" of pine forests

Xinhua news agency, Chengdu, September 12 (Zhang Hailei) learned from the surveying and mapping technology service center of Sichuan surveying and mapping geographic information bureau that from the middle of September, the center will start the UAV monitoring of forest pest control in the autumn of 2018. This is the largest monitoring area since the introduction of unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor the pine wood nematode epidemic in 16 years through the cooperation of this project.

pine wood nematode has strong infectivity and high mortality, which is called pine "AIDS". Sichuan Province is one of the provinces with the most serious pine wood nematode epidemic in China

is a common international practice. According to Liao Lu, the technical director of the monitoring project, this round of monitoring work will focus on key areas such as southern Sichuan and Eastern Sichuan, and use high-tech equipment such as drones to obtain the health status data of pine forests in key areas, so as to diagnose the epidemic situation of pine wood nematode disease in the region aiming at the trend of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform. "Compared with the traditional epidemic monitoring method, UAV monitoring can be accurate to every tree, and can realize the rapid positioning of dead trees in key areas, the rapid statistics and update of epidemic data, and provide accurate data support for the prevention and control of forestry pest epidemic in the province." He added

it is reported that in 2016, Sichuan applied surveying and mapping geographic information to the prevention and control of forestry pest epidemic for the first time in the country. At present, taking advantage of low altitude UAV remote sensing, Sichuan has explored a set of "four inspections" pine wood nematode epidemic situation monitoring technology system of epidemic area survey, field verification, prevention and control review, and overall supervision, and built a provincial pine forest resources and forestry pest prevention and control management platform. (end)

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