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The State Intellectual Property Office has set up an examiner in the field of coatings. According to the fact that it can provide customized solutions for customers, the State Intellectual Property Office has set up a post responsible for the examination of coatings in the material engineering invention examination department. This is the first government official position specifically responsible for coating affairs known at present

according to the introduction, this position has high requirements, requiring polymer professional education and master's degree or above, and English is required to be above CET-6

in recent years, with the rapid development of the coating industry, the State Intellectual Property Office accepted 760 × four hundred and sixty × 1965 the patent business in the field of coatings is growing. We should not only deal with a large number of patent applications, but also adjudicate and mediate disputes caused by intellectual property infringement. Our daily business is very busy. The establishment of special review officials in the field of coatings will help to ensure the accuracy, impartiality, rapidity and professionalism of the intellectual property review process in the coating industry

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