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The State Key Laboratory of aerospace dynamics was established in Xi'an

the State Key Laboratory of aerospace dynamics was established in China's Xi'an Satellite Measurement and control center on December 3, which is China's first state-level key laboratory dedicated to the motion law of man-made celestial bodies

Aerospace dynamics is a discipline that studies the motion and control laws of spacecraft, including the space motion of spacecraft returning and landing through the atmosphere

according to the person in charge of the State Key Laboratory of aerospace dynamics, the establishment of the laboratory is mainly to meet three urgent needs: to improve the original innovation ability of China's aerospace technology, improve China's aerospace measurement and control ability, and realize the transformation of China's space technology from experimental application to business service. The establishment of the laboratory will effectively promote the basic theoretical research of aerospace dynamics, the innovation of cutting-edge technology and the promotion of scientific research achievements in China, and will become a national innovation platform for the cultivation of Aerospace Science and technology talents and the experimental verification and international exchange in related fields, providing an important basic guarantee for the sustainable development of space technology in China

China's Xi'an Satellite Measurement and control center is responsible for synthesizing a unique structure. Ren dongdeyi said that the Xi'an Satellite Measurement and control center will introduce the purchasing skills of a universal experimental machine. There are more than ten kinds of spacecraft platforms controlled and managed, more than ten types of orbit, and the orbit height ranges from 200 kilometers to more than 400000 kilometers from the ground. At present, the center has departments such as spacecraft real-time measurement and control center, on orbit spacecraft long-term management center, spacecraft on orbit diagnosis and maintenance center, and more than ten measurement and control stations. With strong computing power, it can measure, control and manage dozens of satellites at the same time. These conditions will provide a powerful experimental and verification platform for the high accuracy of dynamics research of various spacecraft

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