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Guoji automobile plans to acquire CNEEC with 3.1 billion yuan to expand into the automotive engineering field (,) (600335), which has been suspended for five months, finally disclosed the acquisition plan on the evening of August 31. The company plans to issue shares to the actual controller to purchase 100% equity of CNEEC with a tentative transaction consideration of 3.107 billion yuan. At the same time, the company plans to raise no more than 2.398 billion yuan of supporting funds. This transaction does not constitute a major asset restructuring

the plan shows that China Automotive Engineering is mainly engaged in engineering contracting and other businesses related to automotive industry engineering, providing major automotive manufacturers with engineering design, engineering construction, equipment supply, engineering general contracting and other whole process engineering contracting services related to automotive whole plant engineering and automotive production line engineering, and has obtained the global supplier qualification of well-known automotive manufacturers such as,, Nissan, It is a leading large-scale machinery industry design institute in China and one of the well-known engineering companies in China's automotive industry engineering industry

for this acquisition, but in the application process, we should pay attention to the following points. The company's actual controller, China National Machinery Group, undertakes low-density commitments. If the transaction is completed within the year, 5. If there is no abnormal reason, it will promise that the net profit of each year from 2018 to 2020 will not be less than 220 million yuan, 236 million yuan and 251 million yuan respectively

after the completion of this transaction, Sinomach will expand in the field of automotive engineering, promote the extension of industrial chain and resource integration, and continue to promote the transformation and upgrading to an international automotive group with the integration of "trade, industry, technology and finance" and the comprehensive advantages of the industry, so as to inject new impetus into the long-term development of Sinomach

(: Li Jiajia hn153)

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