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Discussion on packaging container modeling design

packaging container modeling design is a three-dimensional art. It mainly uses glass, ceramics, plastics and other materials, and uses various processing technologies to create three-dimensional forms in space. The packaging container modeling process is complex and the form is changeable. What the designer does is a three-dimensional form creation process. Reflect the practical value and aesthetic value of packaging containers. Practice has proved that only by mastering scientific design methods and correctly applying various artistic modeling design principles can we design novel, peculiar and personalized works. Achieve the perfect combination of form and function, form and art

cutting and combination affect how the axial force generated by the spring is transferred to adjacent parts

to be engaged in packaging container modeling design, we must first have the ability of spatial three-dimensional modeling and master the change law of three-dimensional shape. Cutting and combination are the basic methods of three-dimensional modeling design. When we analyze and study the shape of packaging containers, we will find that many container shapes are cut or combined by basic types. The basic type generally includes six basic geometric shapes: sphere, cylinder, cone, cube, cuboid and square cone

1 cutting first determine the basic geometric form according to the idea, and then carry out plane, curved surface, plane and curve cutting. Due to the differences in tangent point, angle, size, depth and quantity during cutting, different shapes are obtained. It is not difficult to imagine that countless new forms can be cut out in this way. In order to enhance the artistic appeal of the three-dimensional form, and then further cut or trim the edges and corners of the geometry, so that the abstract three-dimensional form has a certain expression and movement, giving vitality to the shape in a static state. Throughout the cosmetics design of some well-known brands at home and abroad, we are deeply impressed. The shape design of French famous brand chanel perfume is very personalized. The basic type is cube, with only slight changes in edges and corners. The whole shape is simple, straight and modern. It gives people a clear and transparent feeling. This modernist design style of perfume has been popular since its introduction in the 1920s and continues to this day

in the packaging design of high-capacity edible oil and other products sold on the market at present, the basic shape should be cut through to obtain an asymmetrical and balanced aesthetic feeling observed from multiple angles. In the design process, from a practical and aesthetic point of view, the handle is not designed outside the basic type, but concave in the basic part of the penetration cutting molding. The container shape obtained in this way gives people a feeling of smooth lines, simplicity and a strong sense of integrity. And it is perfect to observe the form from different angles

2 combine two or more basic shapes, and change the shape, volume, direction and position according to the formal beauty law of modeling, so as to form different three-dimensional forms. Pay attention to the overall coordination of the combination in the design. A cosmetic design is very distinctive. It breaks the traditional shape of small and low cap and large and high body that we often see in the past, and carries out combination and distribution according to the golden ratio. The bottle body is a straight cylinder, and the bottle cap is a semi-circular transparent cap larger than the bottle body. The shape is full of changes and can stand out among many similar products. A wine container design, the bottom half is linear; The upper half is semicircular, arranged gradually from small to large, with a strong sense of rhythm. The bottle cap is a silver luminous body, the bottle body is transparent glass, and the orange wine is mixed with the bottle body, which is unique. The shape built by the basic combination method, but there is no equipment in the world that can directly detect the thermal properties of thin films. It can be assembled at will and is ever-changing, which greatly enriches our three-dimensional space imagination

two body lines and decorative lines

lines are one of the most basic design elements of three-dimensional modeling and the most expressive means. The contrast of lines can emphasize the primary and secondary shape and enrich the emotion of shape. In the packaging container modeling design, there are two kinds of lines, one is the shape line, the other is the decorative line. The shape line determines the main shape and three-dimensional structure of the packaging container. It is a line representing the main view, side view and top view. 4. Transmission system of microcomputer controlled material experimental machine: at present, some transmission systems of experimental machines in the market adopt reducer decoration line, which refers to the line attached to the body, does not affect the overall shape, and belongs to auxiliary line

1 shape line the shape line is the basic element of the outline, which determines the basic shape of the container. In the design, it is necessary to determine whether the container shape is based on straight lines, curves or a combination of curves. The shapes and corners formed by straight lines often give people a sense of solemnity and conciseness, while the shapes formed by curves give people a sense of softness, liveliness and movement. The complexity of the shape line determines the colorful and ever-changing shape of the container. After we design a more satisfactory main view, we can change its side view to change a variety of bottle shapes, and then analyze, screen and modify in a variety of modeling schemes, and finally make the design tend to be ideal and perfect. Generally, the container shape is divided into three parts: head and neck, chest and abdomen, and sole. It also proposed the development of China's waste foam granulator. In the modeling of wine packaging containers, the chest and abdomen are generally straight, and the neck and shoulder are curved. Through the changes of length, angle and curve straight line, many shapes can be produced, and their personalities are different. Some wine packaging containers have a long straight part of the chest and abdomen and end shoulders. The shape gives people a sense of solemnity and grandeur. The shoulders of some wine packaging containers adopt a slip shoulder shape, with small curve radian and natural transition between straight lines and arcs. This style is fresh, free and easy, soft and beautiful

2 decorative line the decorative line on the packaging container is a part of the overall shape of the container, which can strengthen the decorative effect of the bottle. Decorative lines can not only enrich the morphological structure, but also produce different texture and texture effects. When designing, we should pay attention to the direction, length, honey thinning, straightness and other comparative effects of the decorative line. In the bottle design of some high-end wines and cosmetics, decorative lines are often used in order to pursue pleasing visual effects and increase the high added value of commodities. The packaging of a famous French wine uses a smooth curve from the shoulder of the bottle from top to bottom, which makes the bottle body produce rich changes, showing the noble and elegant extraordinary temperament of the famous wine. A perfume design, the bottle body is arranged with a group of wave curves with different radians. Under the light, the transparent bottle body produces a refraction effect, which is crystal clear, unpredictable, full of mystery and romanticism. In 1915, Alexey Samson, a designer of Rutte glass company, improved the Coca Cola bottle body, which had been used for 20 years since 1894. The original shape of the bottle is monotonous, stiff and lack of decorative beauty. The new bottle adopts smooth and flexible arc bars, which are divided by concave and convex decorative lines to enhance the three-dimensional and hierarchical sense of the bottle surface. As a result, unexpected results were achieved and the design was a great success. Some famous foreign wines are decorated with animal reliefs. Japanese crane wine packaging design, the bottle is decorated with a variety of cranes, highlighting the noble quality of famous wine. In daily life, we can see that in the modeling of some beverage containers, the designer intends to decorate some lines on the part of the hand. These decorative lines are not only local details, but also the overall image, which can improve the intensity, play the effect of decoration and beautification, and the hand-held products are not easy to slide off. Conform to ergonomics

3 simulation and generalization any beautiful thing in nature can arouse people's rich associations. It is the source of our artistic creation. In the design of packaging containers, people use simulation and generalization to create countless beautiful works in different forms

simulation and generalization is to create based on natural and artificial forms in nature. It has vivid and natural characteristics and can increase the emotional personality of works. In the era of digital information, people's material life is extremely rich, which requires that design works should not only be practical and beautiful, but also give more spiritual, cultural and emotional meanings to the design. A foreign fruit wine packaging container modeling design, the designer is original, bold and creative, based on the animal form, grasp the cute and cute characteristics of the big stupid bear, and then process and refine, summarize the most infectious part, so that it conforms to the design law of the container modeling. In this way, the originally ruthless goods become vivid and lively, with interest and life. It can meet the consumption psychology of modern people in pursuit of lightness, humor and pleasure. At the same time, it also reflects people's good wishes of "protecting the environment and caring for animals". A French whisky packaging design simulates the French Arc de Triomphe. The author gets creative inspiration from the world's classic architecture. The Arc de Triomphe represents French civilization, with unique style and magnificent momentum. The designer adopts the postmodern design style, sublimates some elements in the traditional modeling with the aesthetic concept of modern people, and displays the long history and splendid culture of France in front of the world. It has aroused the curiosity and strong interest of consumers in various countries. It's refreshing to stop and watch, and it arouses people's longing for a better life. It has high cultural taste and collection value. It can cultivate people's sentiment

in the 21st century, design advocates diversification and personalization, and a variety of design styles coexist. Only by constantly improving their artistic cultivation can designers make their design works more charming and meet the requirements of the times

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