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Discussion on packaging design psychology in the context of modern art abstract: modern packaging design is a creative social form that integrates natural beauty, social beauty, artistic beauty and function. It involves many fields of modern material life, culture and art, science and technology and psychology. The consumption aesthetics, graphic creativity, color application and national cultural psychology within the scope of modern packaging design are discussed and elaborated in detail, which has a certain reference function for the theoretical research and design practice of packaging design

key words: packaging design; Aesthetics; graphical; Color; Culture; Psychology

psychology is a complex process in which human brain reflects the objective reality. Its many factors and conditions of feeling, perception, thinking and emotion play a decisive role in modern packaging design to achieve the best use effect. When. People oriented. And. When the concept of designing for life has become the theme of today's social activities, modern packaging design is closely related to people's aesthetic appreciation of life. The rapid progress of society is an important condition to promote the perfect reform of modern packaging design, and the applied psychological science of aesthetics, graphics, color and national culture of design is the thought, soul, technology and law of modern packaging design

1 consumer aesthetic psychology

modern packaging design, as a special form and carrier to understand the beauty of goods, arouses the aesthetic interest of the audience, expresses the aesthetic ideal and realizes the aesthetic desire. Its aesthetic activities directly appeal to perceptual objects. It reveals the aesthetic characteristics and essence of things through vivid commodity images with emotional colors. Packaging design conveys aesthetic information, guides the audience to comprehend natural beauty, feel and experience design beauty with their state of mind, so as to enter the ideal realm of aesthetics, and let the audience obtain great spiritual satisfaction and emotional pleasure. It is closely linked with literature, art and philosophy, and perfectly integrates the leading role of content in form and the relative independence of form. After long-term practice, it has formed a unique aesthetic value system. Packaging design is a creative social form that integrates natural beauty, social beauty, artistic beauty and function. It is the best medium for the audience to communicate and yearn with commodities

the audience feels beauty in real social life, and recognizes and accepts goods according to the basic law of beauty. Due to the different age, gender, nationality, economic relations and religious beliefs of the audience, there are significant differences in their evaluation of the law of beauty. From these profound and rich designs, they can really enter the emotional and spiritual world of packaging art. They can not only obtain real goods, but also integrate into the aesthetic artistic conception brought by consumption. Functional beauty and technical beauty are the main contents of art design aesthetics today. Therefore, packaging design should reflect this kind of social and individual life and aesthetic needs. When modern packaging design is widely involved in people's lives with the progress of the times, its ultimate goal is to achieve the harmonious unity of product quality and consumer aesthetic psychology

2 graphic creative psychology

graphics refers to the shape of objects expressed on a plane. In other words, the visual form between text and plastic arts is graphics. The human world is a composition of natural and simple geometric shapes and artificial graphics. These shapes and figures are full of artistic image and charm because they show their own characteristics and laws

the beauty of design is orderly. In modern design, the most valuable activity is to arrange the configuration components (patterns and graphics) orderly according to the same and different factors of the expressed objects, which is actually a special process for designers to actively create graphics by alternating artistic thinking and abstract thinking. In modern packaging design, there are many kinds of graphic creativity and rich content, mainly including product image, logo image, audience image and auxiliary decoration image]. As an important basic content of design, graphic creativity studies the language of pictures and provides a creative association, divergent thinking and expression method for art design and other categories. Due to the role of psychology, the psychological effects produced by different graphics are also very different. Therefore, the special effect of graphic creation just makes up for the limitations of written language. It uses its unique communication function in the information age, and uses the most concise visual graphic language to show the extremely rich meaning of design, giving people guidance and enlightenment

as the main embodiment of packaging visual communication design, its creative language is extremely rich and ever-changing, including many aspects of concrete, abstract and image. It has always considered implication as an internal factor of things and an important aspect of situational beauty. Condense the rich objective things into the typical images (graphics) created by the means of design art, and also hide or overflow the theme and Implication to be expressed [4]. The graphic image is vivid, and the information is conveyed quickly. The terminal of graphic creativity enables the graphic and the audience to obtain the interest of beauty through association, experience, perception and understanding. As packaging design is an art design integrating commodity information transmission and visual aesthetic transmission, graphics must reflect an aesthetic relationship between human and nature, designers and objects, graphics and the feelings of the audience, which can be sublimated and expanded

3 color application psychology

(2) bio based thermosetting high molecular materials: such as 40 more people than the dream airliner family B787 (9) aircraft oxygen resin, unsaturated resin, adhesives, etc; In modern packaging design, color is the most direct language and factor. It can also be produced by purchasing multiple sets of equipment at the same time. It is also an important aspect of the functional performance of design psychology. Color presents the most significant appearance characteristics of commodities, which will first attract the attention of the audience. Because color expresses people's faith and longing for future life

As a beautiful and expressive design language, color has a profound and extensive meaning in the field of packaging design. It has more visual impact than composition and modeling, and is the soul and essence of commodity packaging design. Picasso believes that color, like form, is inseparable from our feelings. It can arouse different feelings and associations of the audience and produce different emotions. Therefore, red makes people feel hot, excited, enthusiastic, and produce tense emotions; Blue makes people feel cold and profound, causing calm and calm feelings. Like this, color plays a very important role in the transmission of content. These are not only the nature of color, but also the reaction of audience psychology and visual emotion. Compared with painting color, packaging design color pays more attention to striking, contrast, symbol and other elements, so as to realize the attraction and appeal of color

in packaging design, skillfully applying the law of color emotion and giving full play to the visual role of color can attract the extensive attention and interest of the audience to commodities. In the face of enlightening color images, the audience will have all kinds of associations and imagination, and on the basis of this feeling and understanding, complete the active and positive psychological activities of understanding commodities. Through color, the audience can get a specific emotional infection, understand the profound intention of color, and let the objective emotional effect of color be fully expressed and rendered in packaging design

4 national cultural psychology

nationality is the soul of culture. Holding high the banner of national cultural spirit constitutes an important symbol of a globalized society. Because the characteristic of "world culture" is that the culture with strong national color is recognized or accepted by people of different nationalities to become the common wealth of mankind. Therefore, when globalization brings the world closer and closer, the unity of national cultural spirit and artistic form, To the East "The interpretation of the philosophy of harmony between man and nature has become the eternal principle we pursue. As a commercial art design, the formation and development of packaging design is always closely related to a nation's social form, cultural spirit, artistic taste, production capacity, science and technology and other activities.

China's advanced culture against the background of globalization is the harmonious unity of nationality and openness, which has been formed in China's long history And the development of Chinese design art, records the whole process of the evolution of Chinese civilization and production development. Its philosophical thought, cultural connotation, conceptual form, national emotion and artistic form have deeply affected all design arts including modern Chinese packaging design. We should strive to make China's modern packaging design become the essence of Chinese culture and art that integrates the world's advanced culture and art, which is a great contribution worthy of the times. Hegel, the master of aesthetics, said that every kind of artistic work belongs to its era and its nation. Therefore, modern design with artistic aesthetic value naturally belongs to its era and its nation as well as art works. Modern Europe, Japan and other regions and countries with developed design regard product quality as the highest goal of their country and the tools and standards of local culture, pay attention to the great role of traditional culture in modern design, and postmodern design emphasizes the combination of excellent traditional artistic language and modern expression, which are also powerful explanations and evidences of the brilliant achievements made in this field

5 Conclusion

modern packaging design is an organic combination of technology and art based on modern science, technology and culture. What it wants to solve is the multi-level relationship between man and nature, man and environment, man and spirit. It belongs to a comprehensive application project of material life, spiritual aesthetics and national culture and art. It plays a leading creative role in today's social activities, and has strong vitality and broad development space

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