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Zhejiang electric power launched 14 key reform tasks

on March 13, an asset appraisal company went to Zhejiang power transmission and transformation removal output wiring engineering Co., Ltd. to carry out the preliminary preparations for the overall value appraisal. As the only enterprise selected into the "double hundred action" of the state owned enterprise reform of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council in the power transmission and transformation industry of the state power company system, Zhejiang power transmission and transformation company is starting to carry out equity diversification reform. The presence of the assets appraisal working group also means that the comprehensive reform of the "double hundred actions" of Zhejiang power transmission and distribution company is accelerating

the relevant person in charge of Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. said that the company took the initiative to solve the development problems through reform and stimulate the vitality of the enterprise. According to the requirements of making breakthroughs in key areas and key links, the company studied and formed the annual key work arrangement of reform, and defined the key tasks of reform in 2020

in 2020, Zhejiang electric power will complete 14 key reforms, involving the reform of mixed ownership, the shareholding reform of trading institutions, the construction of the power market, the cultivation and development of new businesses, the promotion of management and control mode reform, and the innovation of new customer service modes. By introducing social capital, it will actively support social entities to participate in more businesses, and further adjust and optimize cost control, investment and operation and other business strategies, Fully promote the establishment of world-class demonstration enterprises

it is reported that Zhejiang electric power will focus on completing the shareholding reform of trading institutions and promoting the independent and standardized operation of trading institutions. We will accelerate the construction of the electricity spot market, promote the improvement of the market rule system, achieve long-term settlement in the spot market, steadily promote the liberalization of the power selling side, and orderly expand the scale of market-oriented transactions. We will implement the reform of mixed ownership at a higher level and on a larger scale, actively promote the Baihetan Zhejiang UHV DC project to solicit interested investors, expand the implementation scope of mixed ownership reform in emerging business areas such as green energy, pay equal attention to capital introduction and transfer mechanism, and establish an incentive and restraint mechanism for mixed ownership enterprises to be closer to the market. We will continue to do a good job in the reform of transmission and distribution electricity prices and continue to promote the pilot reform of incremental distribution

in addition, Zhejiang electric power will actively cultivate and develop new businesses, and explore new businesses such as blockchain power failure insurance and future communities. Innovate a new model of customer service, strengthen the sharing and application of government and enterprise data, expand the "national" power office function, comprehensively implement the "sunshine industry expansion" service, promote the application of integrated energy service platform 2.0, and actively and accurately provide customers with comprehensive energy efficiency services. Establish a flexible and efficient market-oriented management mechanism. With the growth of age and the impact of the external environment, strengthen the incentive of scientific research teams, and support market-oriented units to establish a medium and long-term incentive mechanism. Vigorously promote the reform of management and control mode, explore and build an authorization management system with corporate governance authorization and management authorization as the core, and optimize institutional processes. We will steadily divest enterprises of their social functions

in order to ensure that the key work of the reform is implemented in place, Zhejiang electric power has compacted step by step, strengthened joint efforts, built a working system of horizontal coordination and responsibility at all levels, and established eight special reform working groups, including the comprehensive reform of the "double hundred action", the shareholding reform of trading institutions, and the construction of the power spot market, to provide a solid organizational guarantee for the reform breakthrough. The improvement also includes the supervision mechanism of materials and products used to contact food in the process of food processing, packaging and transportation, such as food processing machinery and pipelines. The key tasks of the reform are detailed and broken down one by one, and the dynamic management and microcomputer controlled impact experimental machine are implemented to promote the implementation of various reform measures on schedule. (Majiang xujunsamarium Wang Hao)

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