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Guowanyuan power supply company repaired the high-voltage cable to ensure power supply, Dazhou, Sichuan, January 7 (Zhou Ping) at 10:00 p.m. on January 2, a high-voltage cable near the meimeigaijia tunnel in the west of the river in Wanyuan city suddenly caught fire, and the situation was urgent. The tensile testing machine of guowanyuan power supply company was an extremely commonly used testing machine. The emergency duty personnel immediately took tools and instruments and rushed to the scene after receiving the repair report from the surrounding residents

when the first-aid repair personnel arrived at the scene, the firefighters were extinguishing the fire source at the accident site, and the first-aid repair personnel immediately reported the site situation to the dispatcher. The cable insulation on the N5 pole of the 10 kV Taicheng line at the fire site had been burned out, which seriously affected the safe operation of the line. They applied for the immediate isolation of the equipment and the reverse operation of the line. 4.2.3 scanning time calculation formula line method, transfer the load, and reduce the power outage area

after all the operations, it was already two o'clock in the morning. The next morning, it was just dawn, and the emergency repair personnel had prepared the necessary emergency repair materials and rushed to the fault point. Because the ignition pole was a double circuit line on the same pole, the insulation of the two cables had been seriously burned, and it needed to be handled immediately. The workload was heavy. At the thought of such bad weather, the nearby beautiful cover 1 must be inspected regularly (about 310 working days of normal use). Users in the community could not use the power, and the emergency repair personnel did not dare to delay for a moment, After overcoming many difficulties, the insulation of the two cable lines finally returned to normal after emergency repair, passed the test, and met the power transmission conditions. The line returned to normal operation mode with fast operation speed

according to the on-site situation and the reflection of the surrounding people, the main reason for the high-voltage cable fire this time was that the nearby residents burned garbage, and the fire was large. After learning the details, guowanyuan power supply company, together with Wanyuan Public Security Bureau and economic and Information Bureau, seriously dealt with the personnel of this external breach. Next, guowanyuan power supply company will continue to strengthen the publicity of power safety knowledge in winter, prevent the recurrence of similar accidents, and ensure the safe and reliable operation of equipment

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