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Guoxianning Chongyang County power supply company: learning from the running mountain electrician video branch meeting on the powerful country

(GUI Xinxiong) at 9 a.m. on February 2, Gong Yunbing hosted the first video Party member meeting of Jintang Party branch of guoxianning Chongyang County power supply company on the learning powerful country app

"at present, the epidemic situation is very serious, and the task of medical and electricity protection is very arduous. Party members of the anti epidemic and electricity protection work first. Please protect yourself and do a good job in the anti epidemic and electricity protection work at the same time." Gongyunbing, Secretary of the Party branch, emphasized

Jintang power supply station in Chongyang County, Hubei Province is located in the old revolutionary base area at the intersection of Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi provinces, which is also the birthplace of "Paoshan electrician", and Gong Yunbing is the prototype of "Paoshan electrician". At the intersection of the three provinces, the complexity of road traffic and strong personnel mobility have greatly increased the difficulty of epidemic prevention and control. In order to actively respond to the local government to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and personnel flow control, "Paoshan electricians" also conducted daily inspections of the designated health centers and observation points to ensure the safety of medical electricity; Connect the power supply for each monitoring checkpoint at the first time to ensure the normal power demand of the personnel on duty

"Lu Shunxiang, the field monitor, is requested to lead the team to do a good job in the daily inspection of the 10kV Sutang recommended lag ring French line, and check the power consumption of Jintang health center every day; Pang Qian, the leader of Gaojian electrical engineering team, is requested to replace the old household line for Gaojian health center, and connect the power source for the monitoring checkpoint of Zhongshan village in Gaojian township. Due to the tight time, heavy tasks and dangerous epidemic situation, all Party members and comrades are requested to play the exemplary role of Party members, carry forward the spirit of our mountain running electrician, and actively cooperate." Cooperate with the government to win the anti epidemic war. "

after the branch meeting, Gong Yunbing, who just finished the night shift, had no time to rest. He just received a message that the power distribution cabinet in Xiabao No. 2 station area was faulty, and the power supply station was 6 kilometers away from Xiabao village, and there were two checkpoints to prohibit vehicles from passing. Gongyunbing, who had packed his luggage and materials, took the "mountain electricians" on the road again. This time, they wanted to run before the epidemic and send the warmest electricity to users

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