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On the surface, mobile technology seems to have been fully developed and utilized: we can now make calls, send SMS messages to each other, send photos, and even watch TV programs through mobile. But in fact, there is another field of mobile technology that has matured and needs to be applied, that is what we now call M2M (machine to machine) technology. Changping, the future of mobile, is the convergence center of plastic raw materials in South China. The real development is not the communication between people, but the communication between machines. M2M is an important aspect of the development and application of mobile technology in the future

as Eric Goodyer, Principal Lecturer of de Montfort University and head of M2M laboratory, pointed out, the mobile market for interpersonal communication can no longer continue to develop and expand. He said, "the current mobile voice market is saturated. The businesses of mobile companies are basically the same. The biggest growth focus in the industry is the global system for mobile communications (GSM). This is a huge global market."

analysts agree with his view: Alexander resources, an American research company, predicts that the global M2M market will grow to 270 billion US dollars by 2010. There are a lot of market opportunities in Europe, which adopts unified global mobile communication system technical standards

why do enterprises want to realize the communication between machines? This is for many reasons. Measurement application is a universal application of M2M technology. For example, if a company wants to ensure the storage temperature of frozen food, the traditional method is to send someone to check it regularly. Compared with this traditional method, a cheaper option is to place a monitor in the refrigerator to send a message to the server when the temperature is too high or too low. Enterprises can also apply M2M technology to data collection, tracking and other fields

in fact, M2M technology has been applied for some time. The best example is the anti-theft automatic alarm installed in many families. When a stranger tries to enter the owner's home, it will automatically send an alarm message to the nearby police station

g actuator is designed to confirm many parameters of actuator such as clearance, friction and leakage mainly according to the overall performance requirements of the system. Oodyer said that there are two changes in the application of M2M technology. First, the development of mobile technology and the wireless transmission of information through the global mobile communication system make M2M communication simpler and the price may be lower. It is especially suitable for high-temperature components. Global mobile communication systems are all over the world, and enterprises can quickly establish their own communication networks

second, the previous establishment of M2M system is a very complex and troublesome process, which requires multi-party participation. An M2M system usually consists of hardware that releases information from the machine, a network for data transmission, and server software that interprets information. As mark blowers, senior analyst of Butler group, said, "M2M technology has existed before, but to apply this technology, enterprises must spend a lot of time to establish M2M network. Now the situation is different. There are special personnel to provide M2M network services for enterprises, providing hardware, software and other necessary supporting equipment."

blowers said that the introduction of industrial standards such as markup extension language (XML) has made the integration of different technologies simple. At the same time, Goodyer also pointed out that the application of general packet radio service (GPRS) has also benefited a lot from the application of M2M technology

goodyer said, "GPRS provides enterprises with a virtual circuit, a point-to-point connection. It is an IP service, so enterprises can apply other IT technologies on the basis of its application. With GPRS, enterprises can fill the technical gap between GSM network and document server."

Michael Reilly, the M2M project leader of orange business solutions, said that suppliers have also realized the revenue growth opportunities that M2M system can bring. The traditional business model has long cycle, high cost and low income, and the application of M2M technology can change this situation. The market is always in the midst of continuous development and change, but as long as enterprises apply M2M technology properly, they can benefit from the British market with a total amount of 100 million pounds

as the co sponsor of M2M Laboratory of de Montfort University, orange company is promoting its M2M connect product, a safe central control gate that enables enterprises to realize wireless connection of devices. Vodafone also launched M2M Gateway Services and began to enter the M2M market

automation is the focus of many M2M products and services being launched. Daily''s company, which provides electronic communication products and services for retailers, publishers and training companies, has launched a newspaper stock monitoring system that can be applied in supermarkets

the system is equipped with sensors on the newspaper rack of the supermarket. When the newspaper is almost sold out, these sensors will automatically send information to the station of daily''s company, and these information will be sent to the relevant staff by e-mail, text message or fax. Craig Lewis, managing director of daily''s, said that for the company's customers, this service means that the number of newspapers sold will increase by 10% to 20% on the newspaper rack with monitoring sensors

another market growth point is in the field of security applications. For example, auto TXT introduced by RDM Automotive is a small control unit installed in the car. When the owner of the car approaches the car, it can send a higher request for the friction coefficient of the film through Bluetooth technology and send a signal to the owner's movement to identify the owner's identity. Only the owner can start the car. The integration of GPS sensor and GSM modem into a control unit can realize the remote tracking and position fixation of vehicles. Chris Cole, engineering director of RDM automotive, said, "when we determine that the vehicle is stolen and under control, the police can instruct our safety operation center to fix the vehicle in its actual position."

some other suppliers focus on the evaluation system of the energy market, which is driven by the rising oil and gas prices and the increasing burden of enterprises to comply with unified technical standards. For example, the French company Suez energy international applied the M2M technology provided by wyless

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