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Sinomach group held the first regular meeting of Party building work

this quarterly regular meeting of Party building is an innovative measure of Party building work of the group. The establishment of the quarterly regular meeting system of Party building of the group is to solve the problems of "integrity" and "strictness". The purpose is to coordinate, coordinate and adjust the party building work throughout the year, help all affiliated enterprises find deficiencies, fill weaknesses, clarify directions and promote improvement, and make specific arrangements and arrangements for the key work of the next stage, So that all enterprises have a definite aim, enhance the pertinence of their work, and finally achieve the goal of improving the level of Party building and promoting the reform and development of enterprises. The group will take the quarterly example of Party building 1 The experimental device, including heating furnace, test object rack, air flow hood, thermocouple, voltage stabilizer, pressure regulator, control instrument and temperature recorder, will be used as a long-term mechanism for Party building work, which will be strictly implemented and constantly grasped, so that the quarterly meeting of Party building will become an effective carrier for the implementation of all work of Party building

on April 2, according to the work arrangement of the Party committee of the state machinery group, the state machinery group held its first regular meeting on Party construction. Song Xin, deputy secretary of the Party committee and director of the state machinery group, attended the meeting and made a speech. The group received a total of more than 50 people from the party secretary, deputy secretary of the Party committee, heads of the Party Organization Department and the Party Committee Work Department of vanillin based phosphorus containing self flame retardant epoxy resin enterprises in Beijing, the party secretary of the headquarters of the group, and the main heads of the relevant departments of the Party committee of the group. The party secretary, deputy secretary of the Party committee, relevant personnel from the Party committee work department and the Party Committee Organization Department of the enterprises affiliated to Beijing and foreign countries attended the video branch meeting

the meeting summarized the previous stage of Party building work of all affiliated enterprises, and reported seven aspects, including the assessment and evaluation of Party building work of affiliated enterprises in 2018, the assessment of work reporting and evaluation of party secretary, and the common problems found in the assessment and evaluation of Party building work. It deployed six key tasks for the transformation of electrical control system by the party building work of the group in the next stage

Song Xin pointed out in his speech that the key to the implementation of "the party should manage the party in an all-round way. 2. The development and production of non-standard experimental machines to strictly govern the party" lies in "integrity" and "strictness". "All" refers to "all elements, all processes and all coverage", and "strict" refers to the strict implementation of the standards and requirements of Party construction with a serious attitude, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort

Song Xin stressed that 2019 is the "year of promoting grassroots party building in central enterprises" determined by the SASAC Party committee. The group Party committee will focus on promoting the "three basic construction" of the party's basic organization, basic team and basic system, deepen the organic integration of Party building and central work, and lead high-quality development with high-quality party building. Combined with the current key tasks, Song Xin put forward four requirements

Song Xin put forward specific requirements for party affairs workers at all levels, and hoped that everyone would be highly responsible for the cause of the party and the long-term development of the enterprise, and do a good job in the reform and development of the group and the construction of the party in the spirit of nails, so as to lay a solid foundation for the group to achieve high-quality development

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