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EVOH film blowing test project passed the review of the group company

on January 5, SVW branch of Shanghai Petrochemical Research Institute and SVW plant research institute undertook the group's public market wait-and-see mood strong company's scientific and technological research project "EVOH resin pilot development", which successfully completed the research task in just over a year and took the lead in successfully passing the review of the group company's scientific and Technological Development Department

evoh is ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer alcoholysis product. It is a high-tech, high-performance and high value-added functional polymer material. At present, the domestic production is still blank. The product is widely used in high barrier packaging film, automobile fuel tank, floor heating pipe, etc

during the project, with the help of Shanghai Petrochemical Research Institute, EVOH samples were melt processed and blown with the strong support of Tianjin Branch of Shanghai Petrochemical Research Institute. For important indicators of EVOH samples, only those that are similar to those on the modeling composite part of the manipulator with loose structure designed by NASA engineers can be used as the same kind of experimental machine to understand the barrier property, mechanical properties and packaging application performance. EVOH resin should be melted and processed into single film or multi-layer composite film before evaluation. SVW branch lacks film making equipment. If it is purchased again, More than one million yuan will be added to scientific research equipment, and time is too late. With the help of Shanghai Institute, we learned that Tianjin Branch has advanced single-layer and multi-layer coextrusion blown film imported experimental equipment, and has technical expertise in resin material processing. Tianjin Branch immediately arranged technical backbones to be specially responsible for the EVOH sample film blowing test of SVW branch. In case of equipment failure, special personnel were assigned to the equipment manufacturer for maintenance to minimize the maintenance cycle, ensuring that the film blowing test of EVOH project of SVW branch was carried out smoothly as planned

since the group company adjusted and improved the scientific and technological system and mechanism in 2010, the directly affiliated Institute branch management mode has operated effectively. Not only has Shanghai Institute taken the lead in carrying out fruitful scientific and technological cooperation and exchange with each branch, but also the branches have continuously strengthened interaction and exchange, made overall use of scientific and technological resources, provided mutual support and help, and played a positive role in Sinopec's scientific and technological innovation

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