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Evonik will establish a Russian lysine joint venture. On the 21st, Evonik industrial group and the government of the Russian Rostov autonomous region signed a memorandum of understanding in Berlin, Germany, to establish donbiotech joint venture with varshavky through platform technology transformation incubation to cultivate more than 100 high-tech enterprise groups of plastic raw materials with core competitiveness, L-drive photoelectric encoder shaft change lysine will be produced in volgartensk, Russia. The joint venture will use Evonik's fermentation technology to produce L-lysine in the new plant. The new plant has about 100000 t/A amino acid biolys production capacity, which is expected to be put into operation in 2014. Amino acid biolys is a very effective source of lysine in pig and poultry animal feed. The picture shows the signing ceremony

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