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Evonik cooperates with Si coatings to develop a water-based primer for polyamide coatings ® Polyamide 12 powder waterborne primer can be used for steel pretreatment in fluidized bed coating process. Polyamide coating can provide corrosion protection for metals, so it needs to be coated evenly to ensure no peeling and water seepage. However, lignin and synthetic rubber containing acrylonitrile and butene (called nitrile rubber) have chemical groups with uneven electronic distribution and are resistant to external scratching, so as to play a long-term protective effect. Evonik vestosint for fluidized bed coating process ® Polyamide 12 powder has been proved to be an excellent coating in practical application for many years. Previously, for steel parts with large surface area, especially concave parts, primer containing solvent was used during pre-processing to ensure excellent adhesion in case of contact with water, etc. Talking about the opportunity of this cooperation, Dominic St ö rkle, head of Evonik's additive manufacturing and material solutions product line, said: "the long-term development of environmental and economic factoring has been rooted in Evonik's corporate strategy. We hope to jointly develop a Evonik based vestosint with sicoatings ® Water based primer of polyamide powder. " Evonik and Si coatings have accumulated a lot of expertise and experience in polyamide powder fluidized bed coating process and adhesion promoter respectively. The two sides complement each other, thus developing a safe and reliable water-based primer without special operation protection technology such as fume hood. According to the globally harmonized system of classification and labelling of chemicals (GHS), the product does not need to be labeled. Its solvent residue, namely the content of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), is less than 2%. Andreas Kunz, general manager of Si coatings, pointed out the advantages of this partnership: "our business is all over the world. Therefore, Evonik customers all over the world can buy this primer product jointly developed. In addition, we can also meet the demand for small batch supply."

the aquatic hazard grade of this primer Si coatings L is wgk1. Its shelf life in frost free environment is six months. It is suitable for brushing, spraying, dipping and scraping. It can be heated and baked at about 300 ℃ in fluidized bed process. Typical applications include painting the inner and outer sides of automotive transmission shafts

Evonik vestosint ® High performance polyamide 12 powder can be used in dishwasher basket, coating of household metal products, automobile and medical technology. Evonik is the world's leading manufacturer of polyamide 12. Polyamide 12 can be widely used in high value-added markets such as automobile, oil and gas, medical treatment, and body injection molding, which can produce hard parts and educational products

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