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Weekly focus of major events in the construction machinery industry (the second week of April)

weekly focus of major events in the construction machinery industry (the second week of April)

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brand dynamics

on March 31, the Sany "Twin Star" project with a revenue of 5.54 billion yuan - Sany South China headquarters building and Shugen Internet building were approved for construction and officially started construction. The project is located in Pazhou new area, Haizhu District, Guangzhou. It is expected to invest 5billion yuan to build a super high-rise twin complex building integrating headquarters office, high-end commerce and office buildings. It is a key project in Guangzhou in 2020. It is reported that the project is positioned as the "smart aiot enterprise headquarters office base" with the design concept of "IOT innovation and intelligent unbounded office", which will become another strategic fulcrum for Sany based on the industrial chain and for Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area

on April 6, Qingdao Double Star simultaneously released the unaudited 2019 annual performance express and the performance forecast for the first quarter of 2020, both from profit to loss on a year-on-year basis. According to the performance announcement of the first quarter of 2020, during the reporting period, the expected loss of RMB 50million to 6 was 0.3 percentage points higher than the national average of RMB 5million, and RMB 14.1224 million in the same period of last year; Basic EPS loss was 0.06 yuan/share to 0.08 yuan/share, and 0.02 yuan/share in the same period of last year

it is reported that Cummins cooperates with DuPont, an American technology company. Cummins nanonet and nanoforce filter materials combine DuPont's mixed membrane technology with Cummins' synthetic fiber for the production of N95 protective masks to cope with the surge in global demand for masks and the shortage of supply. The technical information of the cooperation project between the two sides is open to the outside world, so that more medical and health systems and organizations can refer to and make protective masks

on the evening of April 2, XCMG multi terrain intelligence rushed to the fire rescue site in Muli, Liangshan, Sichuan. XCMG's multi terrain intelligent emergency rescue platform climbed over the ridge to carry out rescue work such as clearing obstacles, excavating, opening up isolation zones and eliminating smoke spots, so as to provide equipment support for the fire scene in Liangshan, Sichuan. At the same time, it provides power, hydraulic and other power for other rescue equipment, and solves a series of problems of single function and low rescue efficiency of rescue equipment at one stroke

on April 8, Changsha Economic Development Zone signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sany Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Shugen Internet, a subsidiary of Sany group, to build a blockchain industrial park with Sany cloud Valley as the carrier, and strive to form a 100 billion level digital economy industry within five years to become a national first-class blockchain Industrial Park. The project covers a total area of 2160 mu, with a total investment of 18billion yuan. It is planned to gather 30000 high-tech creative talents by 2030, expand nearly 1million square meters of new R & D area, and have an output value of more than 100 billion yuan

on April 7, the first fxd3-j drum shaped car body with a speed of 160km/h and a power centralized EMU developed by CRRC Dalian company arrived in Tangshan and began the integrated joint commissioning and test with CRRC Tangshan company. It took only 30 hours from the first power on commissioning of the power car to the completion of the first commissioning test run, which once again refreshed the record of new car research and development

empower brands with new ideas, provide multi-dimensional reference for industry enterprises to fight for 2020, and help brand owners in China's lubricating oil industry to seize the lead. The 2019 white paper on China's lubricating oil industry will bring you more value, promote the development of the industry together, and open up a brighter new journey of high-quality development! Grand release

Ma Jing, the founder of Jingshi business consulting, a leading consulting public relations service organization in China, was invited to the live broadcast room of this issue of Shanyang lecture hall to share with us how to timely capture the early signals of corporate reputation crisis and prevent it during the epidemic period with a global perspective and senior public relations experience, so as to maximize the value of corporate reputation and win the battle for corporate reputation

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