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Evonik Degussa's Shanghai PMMA production base was put into operation at the end of the year. According to the news from Shanghai, China, on July 2, Evonik Degussa's Shanghai methacrylate special chemicals (PMMA) integrated base was capped. The base will be put into operation in the fourth quarter of this year

it is reported that the integrated base is located in Shanghai chemical industry zone. In addition to having a production capacity of 100000 tons/year of methyl methacrylate (MMA), the integrated base can basically meet the requirements of one common plastic raw material processing and plastic waste processing and molding. The integrated base will also produce methacrylic acid, butyl methacrylate and PMMA molding materials. PMMA molding compound will be put into operation at the end of this year, with an initial production capacity of 40000 tons/year. Methacrylate is expected to be put into production in the second half of next year. With an investment of 250million euros, the base is the second largest single investment of Evonik Degussa in the chemical industry. After completion, the integrated base will become the world's largest PMMA integrated base

at present, Evonik Degussa's PMMA has been widely used in the field of architectural lighting, automotive tail and ceiling lights, indoor lighting and outdoor lighting for product quality control. In addition, the product is also applied to Beijing Tianjin high-speed trains and new regional airplanes with completely independent intellectual property rights in China. With the rapid development of high-speed railway and automobile industry for a period of two months, and the continuous improvement of lighting requirements in the construction industry, China's demand for PMMA will increase significantly in the next few years after computer high-speed sampling. China will become the region with the largest growth potential of thermoplastic PMMA in the world

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