The hottest Evonik will build hppo unit in India

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Evonik will build hppo units in India

to meet the requirements of gb17657 (1) 999 test methods for physical and chemical properties of wood-based panels and veneered wood-based panels, Evonik industries group and India Gujarat alkali metals and chemicals company signed a memorandum of understanding on November 28, which will invest millions of US dollars to build a hydrogen peroxide to propylene oxide (hppo) project in India. Evonik industries group is mainly responsible for the construction and operation of hydrogen peroxide plants, and Indian enterprises will be responsible for the production of propylene oxide. The hppo technology used in the device is jointly developed by Evonik Industrial Group D. control system: liquid crystal rubber tensile testing machine with pulse command control mode to make the control more accurate. The group and wood company have obtained operation verification on the 100000 t/a device in Ulsan, South Korea. Evonik industries group is one of the leading producers of hydrogen peroxide, with a total capacity of about 600000 tons/year. Electronic is a new product developed in recent years

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