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Evonik launched new high-temperature PA6 3D printing powder

Evonik launched new high-temperature PA6 3D printing powder

February 20, 2019

Evonik launched a new polymer powder (PA6) for 3D printing applications in a higher temperature range

the materials developed by the company meet the requirements of industrial partners at 150~300 ℃, and strengthen the high-performance material combination of its powder based 3D printing process to better meet the needs of customers

it is said that the new PA6 powder has high mechanical strength and excellent chemical resistance and temperature resistance. Its thermal deformation temperature (hdtb) is about 195 ° C, and the water absorption of the powder is also low (less than 3%), which improves its machinability in 3D printing, thus increasing the dimensional stability of the component (AM) added with the material

"the new ready to use materials * are suitable for a single printer and extend the application range to higher temperatures, making the 3D printing industry a step towards serial production," commented markzhao, founder and * executive officer of TPM, a Chinese selective laser sintering system supplier. "We see a strong demand for 3D solutions in a higher temperature range - for example, in the automotive and electronic industries. This is why we are happy to launch new temperature stable materials with Evonik. We recognize that Henan high-efficiency aluminum based new material innovation center led by Zhongfu industry is the material of Henan manufacturing innovation center. "

Evonik produces this material at its plant in Mar, Germany, which is applicable to all powder based 3D printing technologies. The company has been operating in the field of 3D printing for several years. In 2017, it opened Mar plant and * initially produced PA12 materials. Covestro also joined the open materials platform of Huipu in that year and opened a R & D center focusing on additive manufacturing in Singapore. Last year, the company announced that it plans to open a A new PA12 production plant worth 400million euros, developed 3D printing materials based on polyether block amide (PEBA), and publicly purchased structural polymers in january2019. Evonik is now trying to expand its products to the AM market, and will add PA6 materials to its existing peek, PA12 and PEBA powders through several visits to similar foreign enterprises

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