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Weekly focus on major events in the construction machinery industry (the second week of February)

weekly focus on major events in the construction machinery industry (the second week of February)

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this week's focus: the construction machinery industry works together to overcome difficulties

; As of 24:00 on February 4, a total of 250000 masks from nearly 1000 companies had been received (without weight removal data). At present, Xingbang has issued nearly 30000 masks in the order of application

on the same day, Xingbang donated 50 thermometers, 1580 protective clothing and 1000 goggles to Ningxiang City, Changsha City; The next day, Xingbang donated another 100000 medical masks. Many batches of Xingbang shear fork equipment have been sent to Wuhan leishenshan hospital recently for steel structure welding, temporary room support and subsequent pipeline installation

On February 4, Wangmin, the chairman of XCMG, went to XCMG import and export company to collect medical materials for epidemic prevention from overseas. The difference between the products of XCMG import and export company will also lead to a certain difference between the universal material testing machines. At present, XCMG import and Export Corporation has purchased 100000 medical masks, 100000 N95 masks, 8000 sets of protective clothing, 5000 sets of goggles and other medical materials through more than 20 countries

on February 5, Sany, following the 26000 medical N95 masks returned from South Africa and donated on February 4, transported 42000 sets of DuPont medical protective clothing from Dubai to Changsha by the group's business aircraft. Another 8000 sets are on the way, with a total value of about 6.6 million yuan, and will be donated to the Red Cross Society of Hunan Province

on February 5, the temporary workers organized all employees to carry out donation activities to fight against the epidemic. Chairman WANGZHIZHONG and the leaders on duty of each subsidiary participated in donation in Linyi and Jinan. Other employees donated their love for the "epidemic" through the network. Temporary workers will use this fund to purchase medical, food and other materials and donate them to the Red Cross Societies and epidemic headquarters in Hubei and Shandong

on February 9, 150 tons of vegetables donated by temporary workers were transported from Linyi to Wuhan overnight. They can be supplied to medical staff and patients in more than 20 hospitals, including Wuhan Red Cross Hospital, Wuhan Dongxihu District People's Hospital, fangcang hospital, Wuchang district hospital and Huake logistics group

this week's focus: enterprises in the construction machinery industry returned to work in an orderly manner

. Under the condition of ensuring the life safety and personal health of employees, Zoomlion resumed work step by step in an orderly and precise manner, making preparations for supporting the construction of national key projects

On February 5, Sany held a brief and solemn new year resumption ceremony. More than 200 workers and workshop managers attending the ceremony wore masks as required. Previously, Sany Changsha Industrial Park has carried out safety inspection and in plant disinfection in strict accordance with the requirements, and strictly screened, screened and trained all personnel to return to work. It is reported that the first batch of construction mainly meets the urgent needs of products and international orders

on February 6, Shanhe intelligent returned to work and completed a large number of overseas orders signed by the company before the year on time. (1) the test part of the sample should meet the standard requirements of tensile and change; Service. In order to return to work smoothly, Shanhe intelligent purchased more than 50000 masks and medical gloves through global marketing channels for the use of the company's employees, and carried out comprehensive and frequent disinfection and sterilization on the company

on February 5, the first phase of service personnel training for cooperative lessors of Lingong heavy machinery in 2020 was held. This centralized training lasts for 5 days. On the first day, more than 50 business and service personnel from high-tech aircraft lessors participated in the training, and more than 300 people attended the training at the same time

on February 10, the temporary Industrial Park resumed work. The company guided the employees to return to their posts in an orderly and safe manner, and strictly registered their body temperature and wore protective equipment to prevent the input of epidemic situation and ensure the safety of production

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