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Weekly focus of major events in the construction machinery industry (the second week of May)

weekly focus of major events in the construction machinery industry (the second week of May)

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april 28 news, which represents the zat4000 All Terrain Truck Crane with the latest 4.0 technology of Zoomlion, has been successfully exported to Malaysia, providing Zoomlion with the largest tonnage all terrain truck crane. In the past, the large tonnage All Terrain Truck Crane Market in the Southeast Asian market has been occupied by European and American brands for a long time. Z material changed the fatigue testing machine. An experimental machine with high accuracy requirements, at4000 all terrain truck crane, was successfully delivered to Southeast Asian customers, marking the further breaking of the competition pattern in the Southeast Asian market and increasing the influence for made in China. Zoomlion's export of the largest tonnage all terrain crane zat4000 to Malaysia source: China engineering machinery information recently, XCMG's large open-pit complete mining equipment market reported good news again. Xe900d, xe1250, xe3000 mining excavators, xdm80 tramcars and other "super tonnage" products with a total value of billion yuan will be successively sent to a large iron mine in Inner Mongolia. XCMG's large-scale open-pit complete mining equipment can meet the needs of users in Inner Mongolia for high attendance, low fuel consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection. XCMG's "extra large tonnage" open pit complete mining equipment order worth another billion yuan source: XCMG group

XCMG xe300 is called conditional yield strength or yield strength for short σ Recently, the 0.20 mining excavator has been working continuously for 72 hours in the construction drawing of Inner Mongolia mining area. Several Sany 48m steel boom pump trucks have completed the pouring of the first bearing platform of the world's largest span offshore suspension bridge - Shenzhong channel Lingdingyang bridge at one time. A total of 5098 cubic meters of C45 concrete have been poured, setting a new record for offshore construction. As one of the major projects of the 13th five year plan, Lingdingyang bridge will be integrated with the super project of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, and connect the urban agglomeration on the East and west sides of the Pearl River. This extreme construction has laid a solid foundation for the early connection of the Shenzhen China channel. "Sany, the" world pump king ", makes another great contribution on the sea, pushing the Shenzhen China channel to be connected as soon as possible!" Source: Sany

recently, after XCMG's large mining equipment was exported to Australia in batches, XCMG's large tonnage cranes were exported to Australia in batches again. It is reported that XCMG crane series products exported this time involve crawler type, off-road tire, all terrain crane and other models, which are customized according to local standards in Australia, and are "customized" in terms of color, style, parts and other aspects according to customer requirements. The export marks that XCMG series construction machinery models are being fully favored by the Australian high-end market. "Direct access to Australia! Large tonnage cranes open the way, XCMG will make another breakthrough in the high-end market" source: Xu also said that the evaluation of Haogong group xcmg

on May 7, a 25 ton Aurora green pure electric vehicle crane was offline in Changsha Zoomlion quantang Industrial Park, which is the first pure electric vehicle crane in China and the world. According to the introduction, the product model is ztc250n-ev, "250" refers to the 25 ton level, "EV" represents pure electric. The lifting performance of the product continues the excellent quality of Zoomlion's 25 ton products. The main highlight is the use of pure electric. The offline of this product indicates that Zoomlion has made another fruitful achievement in practicing the concept of sustainable development. The world's first! Zoomlion's first pure electric truck crane in the world source: Zoomlion Zoomlion crane on the afternoon of May 8, Sany Heavy Machinery's celebration of "surpassing double 10000 · making a new chapter" was held at the productivity training center of Kunshan Industrial Park to commend individuals and teams with outstanding contributions. In April, the production of Sany Heavy Machinery excavator, pile driver and other series products exceeded 10342 sets, and the sales exceeded 10994 sets, breaking the industry record again, achieving a milestone leap forward growth. The production and sales of Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. in a single month exceeded 10000 yuan, and Sany Heavy Machinery broke the industry record again. Source: Sany Group Co., Ltd

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