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Application of "EVOC" embedded intelligent platform in multimedia self-service system One of a series of solutions, it connects multimedia self-service terminals in public places such as bank business points, office buildings, residential areas, shopping malls, ports, etc. with the help of high-speed broadband network into a bank non cash business comprehensive service platform, which provides self-service services for cardholders 24 hours a day, covering traditional banking business and intermediary business, It is an important pillar of the self-service banking business vigorously promoted before the project and an important means to promote the future business growth of the banking industry

[system features

1. The terminals are placed in a wide range of locations, which can seize the service blind area that cannot be covered by the traditional banking sites, and continuously extend the banking business sites;

2. It can provide 7x24 uninterrupted self-service, which greatly relieves the artificial pressure of each business window;

3. It can improve the status and brand of the bank in the industry;

4. It can provide the enthusiasm of customers with flexible lever swing and low friction, and So as to improve the gold content of bank cards and the satisfaction of individual customers

5 press the "print" key to print out all detection contents and provide rich intermediate services

[system function

1. Fully realize the bank and go to the bank and fully apply it to the personal banking business in the industrial chain.

2. Agent payment business.

3. Sales of air tickets, lottery tickets, cards, tickets, etc.

[composition of financial convenience station system

front end system: it is composed of E-City financial convenience station terminal and corresponding software to provide users with graphical and simple operation of various

convenient banking services;

back end system: it provides support for front-end system, collects and processes various operating data, and carries out terminal operation management;

bank card payment system: it realizes real-time payment of bank card through the connection between front-end machine and UnionPay host, and can provide account Non cash banking services such as account balance

amount query, transaction details query, unrecorded discount details query and free transfer

merchant cooperation system: connect the data of cooperative merchants with the background system of E-City financial convenience station through the network to realize the real-time data exchange function

[system block diagram

["EVOC" Application of embedded intelligent platform in various parts of financial convenience station system

1. Working principle of financial convenience station system

financial convenience station system: the embedded motherboard of the system is the signal processing center, which is responsible for system information storage, query and communication. It is directly installed on the upper model DNA through EVOC embedded motherboard pos-1611v torque sensor to connect with the Internet and other application function modules, and real-time public audio, video The data integration function fully realizes the personal banking business of the bank and Shanghai Bank. The LCD display with touch control has the advantages of convenient touch mode control, high definition and low radiation, which has optimized the function of the whole system

pos-1611vdna motherboard

1), socket 370 mainstream architecture, support FSB 66MHz/100mhz/133mhz CPU

2), adopt stable and reliable Intel 815E chipset, integrate AGP hardware video acceleration

3), exclusively launch motherboard integrated 6 serial ports, 2 parallel ports

4), support atatx power supply, hardware monitoring, and also support AC '97audio, agp4x, acpi

5), high specialization, high integration, good compatibility The high cost performance makes pos-1611vdna an ideal motherboard for POS structure products with multi

i/o applications. It is widely used in embedded applications such as banking and multimedia

2. Application server

completes a series of specific applications including web, transaction database, monitoring server, bank front-end server and other business support systems. The application server is composed of server hardware platform and various application software. As an extension of the function of the automatic query multimedia system, the perfection of the application server directly affects the overall function realization of the automatic query multimedia system. Generally, the application server has high requirements for the system and needs strong processing capacity

the latest high-performance server launched by Yanxiang:

(1) the transaction database server, application database server and various application servers all use ESV department level server esv-r2351 (rack and tower esv-t2351 optional) due to frequent data access and strong processing capacity

esv-r2351 is a department level server with high cost performance. It is only 2U high and provides high reliability,

scalability and maintainability. It can be used as multimedia server, IP (VoIP) server, mail server, database server, etc. it is a multi-functional application server

as a database server, it has the following two outstanding advantages:

a and supports a hot pluggable ultral 160scsi hard disk (6 × 36g = 216g, esv-t2351 can support 8). It not only provides large capacity, but also has strong concurrency

b. support Intel dual Xeon processors, and use hyper threading technology to achieve the performance of four processors (xeon1.8-2.8ghz, fsb400mhz)


a, support RAID technology; ECC memory is adopted and parity check is supported. Ensure data security

b, maximum 8g DDR ECC memory, bandwidth 3 2GB/s; 5*pci LP 64bit/133mhz (esv-t2351 supports 2*32bit/33mhz, 2*64bit/100mhz, 1*64bit/133mhz). Eliminate data transmission bottleneck and meet bandwidth requirements under intensive I/O requirements

c, integrated dual 100m card, supporting load balancing and failover

d, 400W / 350W + 350W redundant power supply

e. expansion performance: 3 USB, 1 serial port, 1 25 pin parallel port, 2 PS/2

(2) 1U high performance server ESV - r1371 can be used for web server

it integrates dual Gigabit cards, supports dual Xeon processors, and provides super network bandwidth and processing performance

other performance:

a, maximum 12g memory, 3 2G

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