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UK Starbucks' price rise helps the paper cup recycling plan

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core tip: when we talk about disposable paper cups, we always default that they are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, but this is not the case

[China Packaging News] when we talk about disposable paper cups, we always default that they are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, but this is not the case

although in theory, disposable paper cups can be recycled, in order to provide a certain heat preservation function, coffee paper cups are generally coated with a thin layer of plastic. If you want to recycle, you must first separate the paper and plastic of the paper cup

the problem is that there are only three separation plants in the UK, so the overall recovery rate is very low. Mary creagh, a member of Parliament, said:

Britain discards 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups every year, which is enough to circle the earth five and a half times. But (these paper cups) are almost never recycled

the coffee shop market in Britain is expanding rapidly, so we need to start the recycling revolution quickly

for this reason, the British Parliament advocated a tax on disposable paper cups, and Starbucks actively participated in this proposal

from February this year, Starbucks in London will start trial operation, charging an additional 5 pence (1 pound = 100 pence = 8.8 yuan) for each disposable paper cup. The trial time is three months, and the clamping force will be increased accordingly

the effect of this tax is precedent. When we charged an extra fee of 5P for disposable plastic garbage bags, we achieved good results

said Tim Farron, spokesman of the British Democratic Party. But at the same time, some people doubt the effectiveness of this strategy

please increase this small fee and compare it with Starbucks' charge of 60 cents for adding a portion of soymilk

in addition, Starbucks will also strengthen its promotion, encourage customers to use ceramic cups in stores as much as possible, and continue to implement the discount of 25 pence for customers' own cups. But Council members said that only 1% to 2% of customers would bring their own accompanying cups

the UK's "paper cup alliance" is certainly unhappy and believes that paper cups are by far the most sustainable and safe way to pack drinks

paper cups made in Britain are made of sustainable raw materials, and the production and recycling processes are both negative. We also attach great importance to improving the recovery rate

increasing taxes on coffee will not improve the problem of littering, but will harm consumers and affect high street businesses that are already facing crisis

in order to deal with the recycling problem of paper cups in the UK, Costa, the largest chain coffee brand in the UK, has begun to provide recycling bins in some stores as early as 2016, and uniformly send the collected paper cups to the treatment center for separation and recycling. Subsequently, Starbucks also launched such trash cans in some stores

but generally speaking, consumers' awareness of this aspect is still relatively weak. Therefore, at this meeting, some members of the Council also suggested that businesses without in store recycling bins should mainly have cylindrical force sensors, spoke force sensors, s-double hole sensors, 10 beam sensors and other types, and note "not widely recycled" on the cup, Businesses with an in store recycling system should mark the cup "only in the store" and "consumers also hope to recycle packaging materials made of natural materials" to improve consumers' awareness

coffee brands such as Starbucks or Costa have not responded to this suggestion

in addition, some members of the British parliament proposed that if these paper cups cannot be properly recycled, they hope to implement a comprehensive ban in 2023

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