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Amber composite company of the UK launched flax fiber prepreg

amber composite company of the UK launched a prepreg based on biotex flax fabric produced by composites evolution company

Amber said that linen fabric has the characteristics of high performance, easy processing, light weight and environmental protection. In addition to the price of the experimental machine itself, the damping characteristics improved by the analysis of the use of low-temperature tanks are ideal for some applications. With or without a reactor, the 8020 multipreg epoxy resin system of amber can be used to produce a low medium solid flax fiber prepreg, which can also be manufactured through the application of key technologies such as the Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and so on. It is suitable for semi-structural and decorative applications in the automotive, marine, sports and consumer goods industries. The initial specifications of the fabric are 400 grams per square meter, 2x2 twill and 500 grams per square meter, plain

"many of our customers require biotex linen fabric, and we will work closely with amber to ensure that this solution is available." Composites faces soaring cobalt prices, said Brendon weager, general manager of evolution

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