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The UK plans to generate 30% of its electricity from offshore wind power by 2030

the Ministry of Commerce, energy and industry strategy of the UK Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. steering wheel rotary endurance fatigue testing machine: (the same number) 202 intelligent manufacturing projects were completed on July 7. In just half a month, the project of comprehensive standardization and new mode utilization was approved. The announcement said that by 2030, one third of the electricity in the UK will be produced by offshore wind power

the announcement said that the UK would invest 250million pounds (1 pound or about US $1.31) to develop the offshore wind power supply chain. Is there any difference between its own data and the actual performance of materials. It is estimated that by 2030, 27000 senior technical positions will be provided by offshore wind power projects

as a part of modern industrial strategy, Britain has vigorously developed renewable energy industry in recent years. The announcement said that the revolution in the offshore wind power industry will help the UK take the lead in the field of offshore wind power innovation

Claire Perry, the UK Secretary of state for energy and clean development, said that the new industrial plan would promote a green revolution in offshore wind applications, provide electricity to households and businesses across the UK, and bring investment to coastal areas

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