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Supermarkets in the UK will reduce the use of plastic bags

in order to encourage "green consumption", some supermarkets in the UK will reduce the use of plastic bags and reuse the packaging of some goods

Tesco Supermarket Co., Ltd., the largest retailer in the UK, recently announced that it plans to reduce the annual use of 4billion plastic bags in its supermarkets to 3billion by 2008, and reward customers who use old plastic bags or other packaging bags with additional membership card points. Tesco currently has 13million customers with membership cards. Tesco will give customers a bonus of points every time they save 1 plastic bag to provide possible material for reduction. Asda, another British supermarket chain, also announced recently that the x-axis loading beam will use reusable "lifelong packaging bags" in its supermarkets. Environmentalists pointed out that these plastic bags consume a lot of energy and produce a lot of garbage, which is also very harmful to marine life

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