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China's UHV transmission technology has achieved major breakthroughs

on the 21st, it was learned from China national power corporation that the company has successfully constructed and safely operated the 1000 kV high voltage AC test demonstration project and 800 kV High Voltage DC demonstration project with the highest voltage level and the largest transmission capacity in the world

according to Guodian, te'an steel is the main initiator and leader. High voltage transmission technology has achieved made in China and led by China in the field of electric technology in the world, comprehensively mastered the core technology of UHV, improved the international competitiveness of China's power equipment manufacturing industry, and formulated a perfect UHV standard system and specifications

the company said that independent innovation is the most prominent feature of the development of national power companies in the eleventh five year plan, and it is also the driving force to enhance the company's core competitiveness and sustainable development ability. He said that during the 11th Five Year Plan period, the company invested 25.01 billion yuan in research and development, with an average annual growth of 18.3%, and achieved a number of innovative achievements with independent intellectual property rights and occupying the commanding heights of world electric technology

it is understood that at present, the construction of smart demonstration pilot projects of State Grid has made a breakthrough, and eight smart substations have been built, forming the first series of technical standards for smart substations in the world. The pilot construction of power optical fiber to the home has been carried out in 23 cities, and the comprehensive business application of the event will be reported throughout the process. Six smart communities have been built, 2.2 million smart meters have been installed, 87 standardized charging and replacement stations and 7031 charging piles have been built in 26 provinces (cities)

in addition, in the past five years, breakthroughs have been made in the key equipment and safety control technology of national electric power, new energy and core technology, enterprise level information system, and comprehensive experimental research capacity

according to the information provided by Guodian, the creative ability of intellectual property of Guodian has been significantly improved. On the basis of giving full play to the amount and leading role of the Institute of internal medicine of the system, it has actively promoted mass innovation activities, and the achievements of intellectual property have increased significantly; The intellectual property management system and system have been continuously improved. The company's measures for intellectual property cleaning in recent years include: cleaning or adjusting according to the status discrimination, implementing unified optimization and layout, and centralized management of major scientific and technological achievements; Intellectual property protection has been promoted in an all-round way. Efforts have been made to strengthen the publicity and training of intellectual property laws and regulations in various forms, and strive to create a good atmosphere of respecting intellectual property

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