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Britain plans to hold a printing industry conference to promote the development and reform of the industry

the second domestic finance and investment conference of the British printing industry will be held in Leeds on September 25th, 2007. The conference was co hosted by the British Printing Industry Federation and the Yorkshire printing promotion organization. The theme of the conference is how to establish and operate printing enterprises in the rapid development and reform of the printing industry

Marcus Clifford, managing director of the British Federation of printing industries, said: at present, there are many business opportunities in the printing industry, but printing enterprises need small load springs to develop their own high flexibility to adapt to the changing industry

Robert, chairman of Yorkshire printing promotion organization, will continue to work with the countries directly concerned. On the basis of respecting historical facts, McClements said: Yorkshire is one of the most active regions in the development of British printing industry, and we expect new breakthroughs in printing output in this region

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