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The UK is studying the use of high molecular polymers and ceramics to manufacture a new generation of membranes

filter membranes are widely used in water treatment, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, and are an important industrial material. Imperial College of technology announced on the 16th that the limitations of public colored sandstone are great, saying that the university will cooperate with many British institutions to develop a new generation of membrane materials to improve industrial production efficiency

a large amount of global energy is consumed in various filtration operations, such as sewage treatment, petrochemical finishing, etc., but the currently used filter membrane has many shortcomings, including short service life, high energy consumption and high manufacturing cost

according to reports, Imperial College of technology, together with the University of bath, the University of Manchester and the University of Newcastle, has jointly established a special scientific research partnership to jointly develop new materials that can improve the efficiency of industrial membranes. One of the projects, led by Imperial College of technology, will study how to use high molecular polymers and ceramics to manufacture a new full-scale pre twisted 3-generation film, such as the Rockwell hardness tester for pipes

researchers said that the permeability of current industrial membranes will become very poor after being used for a period of time, resulting in reduced filtration efficiency and increased energy consumption. If high molecular polymers and ceramics are used to make membranes, it is expected to solve this problem, so that it can maintain high filtration efficiency for a longer time

Andrew Livingston, a professor at Imperial College of Technology who participated in this project, said that although membranes are widely used in modern society for filtration from water to oil, the manufacturing materials of such membranes are over 5. Effective workspace: 150 × one hundred and fifty × 240mm has not changed much for a long time, which affects the use efficiency of the membrane. The new generation of membrane under research and development is expected to change this situation and benefit the production of many industrial industries

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