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In order to better serve national goals and national industrial development, the Chinese Academy of Metrology (hereinafter referred to as the Chinese Academy of Metrology) is about to launch seven new areas of Metrology construction projects. The project takes quantum physics, food safety, biology, medicine, energy, new materials and environmental measurement as the strategic focus and carries out independent planning, and strives to make breakthroughs in measurement research in seven fields in the 10 years from 2010 to 2020, so as to provide strong technical support for building a well-off society in an all-round way

the purpose of new field construction projects is to closely follow the national development goals and focus on solving the urgent problems in national economic construction and industrial adjustment. The determination of the seven new fields mainly refers to the relevant contents of the outline of the national medium and long term scientific and technological development plan (2006-2020) on the new trend of scientific and technological development, as well as the ten major industrial adjustment and revitalization plan issued by the State Council. This is an initiative after fully summarizing the urgent needs of China's building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way for metrology science and technology and the development trend of world metrology science and technology, It is the first time to re divide the measurement work from the application field

according to the introduction, the construction of new areas of measurement is to give priority to the development of energy and environmental measurement technology, and resolve to solve the major bottlenecks restricting economic and social development; It is to seize the rare opportunity of the rapid development of new material technology in the next few years that the collet can separate and exert tensile force with a constant rate of domestic waste plastic recycling of 16.93 million tons in 2017, and take the acquisition of independent intellectual property rights of the core measurement (measurement) technology of the equipment manufacturing industry as a breakthrough to improve China's industrial competitiveness; That is to speed up the construction of food safety and medical and health measurement base standard system as an important technical support to improve people's livelihood and ensure the construction of a well-off society; It is to take biometric technology as the catalyst for the future high-tech industry to catch up, and promote the application of biotechnology in agriculture, industry, population and health; It is to apply quantum physics technology to the construction of measurement basis standards, win the right to speak in the redefinition of the international system of units, and safeguard China's technological sovereignty

after about 10 years of efforts, the overall goal of the construction of new fields of measurement is to build a clear and reasonable standard system for quantum physics, food safety, biochemistry, medicine, energy, new materials and environmental measurement; The ability of scientific and technological innovation and value transmission has been significantly enhanced; International Comparison and national calibration and measurement capabilities (CMC) have been significantly enhanced, providing strong support for building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way; The comprehensive strength of basic and cutting-edge research in metrology has been significantly enhanced, and a number of scientific research achievements with independent intellectual property rights and international advanced level have been achieved. Specifically, first, we should break through a number of key technologies for the measurement of basic physical constants in the field of quantum physics, form a number of natural benchmarks with international leading level (advanced level), and gain the right to speak in the redefinition of the international system of units; Second, in the field of food safety, we should study a number of reference materials, reference methods and reference devices, and establish national food safety testing technology, in which dynamic testing machine mainly includes fatigue testing machine technology (method) traceability system; Third, in the field of biosafety, we should carry out research on high-end basic metrology Traceability Technology, benchmark measurement devices, benchmark methods and benchmark substances, study a number of authoritative measurement methods, formulate verification and calibration regulations for a number of biological analysis instruments, and form a relatively perfect system of standards and technical regulations that rely on the existing industrial infrastructure measurement; Fourth, carry out work in the aspects of material microstructure, inherent characteristics, method characteristic parameters, etc., improve the innovation ability of material metrology research, as well as the technical support ability and service ability for the development and application of China's new material technology, so that China's innovation ability of the overall research level of material metrology can enter the world's advanced ranks; Fifth, break through a number of key technologies in energy conservation and emission reduction, conventional energy and green energy measurement, establish a number of high-end measurement standards, and rank among the international advanced levels; Sixth, establish and improve the measurement base standards, verification and calibration specifications and key measurement technologies in key environmental fields, and gradually solve the bottleneck problem that China's environmental measurement level restricts environmental protection and comprehensive management; Seventh, carry out basic and applied research on medical metrology, and form a supporting capacity of medical metrology for the 21st century

by 2020, the intact rate of measurement base standards in the new field of measurement will strive to reach 100%, and the number of international comparisons and CMC will reach the top five in the world

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